During Travel Ban Protests, This California City DEFIES ‘Sanctuary’ State…Trump Is Thrilled!

Calexit, the effort by a minority in California (so far) to secede from the United States and form California into its own, independent country, might just have one point right – California does seem like an entirely different country than most of America.

While we are no supporters of Calexit, neither are we supporters of the immigration policies being pushed by interest groups as well as politicians in population centers in California. The fact remains that the state is part of the US, and as such is subject to laws legitimately enacted in Washington.

The “sanctuary city” movement is perhaps the worst manifestation of this nonsense. Such cities have chosen to provide safe havens for illegals to thwart efforts by the federal immigration authorities to enforce the law by apprehending these people. We also have protests against not only the border wall to be built with Mexico, but against border walls everywhere. In essence, what we are seeing is a move to destroy the nation-state. And these demonstrations show no sign of letting up.

Starting in San Diego, “[T]he San Diego Union-Tribune reported, activists marched through the streets chanting: ‘No ban, no wall, sanctuary for all!’ The crowd reached an estimated 4,000 people.” A four-thousand person demonstration is not very impressive for a city the size of San Diego, yet they are part of a movement with pockets of support across the country.

Anti-Trump Immigration protest in Los Angeles (Ringo H.W. Chu / Associated Press)

Typical of the comments are these: “Organizer Mohamed Abdullah said: ‘We are telling Trump and his people we will not tolerate the senseless acts of hate and the bigotry that are going on in Washington, D.C., and in the White House,’ according to the Union-Tribune.” Of course, this statement assumes that “acts of hate” and “bigotry” are in progress in the White House which are his opinions, not facts. Simply because someone is opposed to aliens entering the country illegally does not make that persona bigot.

In contrast to other cities, Fresno is not going to become a sanctuary city. “In Fresno, where mayor Lee Brand responded to President Trump’s executive order against sanctuary cities by declaring that the city would not become one, hundreds of activists marched in opposition.” Good for the mayor. And if all the sanctuary city supporters could muster were a few hundred activists, well, you can probably get that many to come out to support most any cause.

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No doubt the advocates of open borders and open immigration will find something to agitate them again very soon: “This week, President Donald Trump is expected to revise and re-introduce his controversial executive order temporarily banning travel from seven terror-prone countries previously identified by Congress and the Obama administration.”

Deliberately defying the nation’s immigration laws should not be tolerated. That political leaders in California and elsewhere are doing just that should result in their removal from office and prosecution the same as if they broke any other laws. It’s just that simple. Or it should be. Unfortunately, the illegal immigration issue has become so highly politicized, that defying immigration authorities is considered an act of virtue in some circles.

That should do the trick. Expect another few hundred advocates of cultural suicide to stream into the streets making fools of themselves by supporting people, many of whom would never return the favor for them in their home countries.

Source: Breitbart

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