WATCH: Fox News Host Drops Truth Bomb On Mainstream Media, “There Was An Underestimating Of…”

As we enter into the last month of the Obama Administration, the media is lamenting their loss of what has been familiar to them these past eight years: following Obama like a happy puppy dog, treating his devastating policies and executive orders as pure gold, and refusing to hold him accountable for any scandals that happened on his watch.

Trump has yet to enter the Oval Office, and all we have heard is the media complain about everything he is doing to prepare for the toughest job in America: his Cabinet picks are wrong, he has a million conflict of interests, he isn’t planning to celebrate a lot inauguration weekend because he wants to get to work.

When will the media finally realize that Trump has defied all odds to be where he is at today?

It may be sooner than you think.

Fox News’ Chris Wallace sat with a panel to discuss the case for Donald Trump, even comparing him to Ronald Reagan. You can watch the full discussion here:

Independent Journal Review reports:

Chris Wallace posed the possibility that the media might be falling into the same trap they did in 1981. Wallace said:

“There was an underestimating of Reagan, as a person and a leader, and I wonder if the same isn’t true of Donald Trump.”

In terms of the Trump/Reagan parallel of underestimation, [Gerald] Seib looked at the history of Trump’s short political career for indications of future behavior. He said:

“We’ve been through a year of underestimating Donald Trump, right? So, there’s ample reason to believe that will continue.”

Let’s hope that this is the beginning of the media finally accepting Donald Trump as The People’s choice, and giving him the benefit of the doubt as he works hard to Make America Great Again.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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