BOOM! Fox News Host DESTROYS Democrat…Drops EPIC Truth Bomb, EXPOSES Fake…[WATCH]

In the aftermath of the trouncing Donald Trump gave Hillary Clinton in the presidential election, scores of protesters and protest groups have sprung up like the proverbial annoying, lawn weeds after a spring rain shower.

The fact that many of them are paid political activists whose only job is to attend Trump rallies of other political functions to march, yell, intimidate, and riot, if necessary, to bring as much chaos to the scene as possible.

The ultimate goal being: have the mainstream news media falsely report on how the majority of America dislikes Donald Trump, specifically, and conservatives, generally.

FOX News host, Tucker Carlson, likes to confront these liberals on air and expose just how moronic they are. This one such interview will leave you shocked!

Right Wing News reported:

Carlson’s guest was Dom Tullipso, an anti-Trump activist who says he will be paying people $2,500 a month to protest. Tullipso’s group, called “Demand Protest,” says “When your strategy demands paid protest, we organize and bring it to life.” He said that his group would be protesting the inauguration this weekend. But Carlson saw right through that.

“This is a sham, your company isn’t real, your website is fake, the claims you have made are lies, this is a hoax,” Carlson said. “Let me start at the beginning, however, with your name, Dom Tullipso, which is not your real name. It’s a fake name, we ran you through law enforcement-level background checks and that name does not exist. So let’s start out with the truth. Tell me what your real name is.”

Tullipso tried to say that his name was Dominic and that he didn’t pay protesters $2,500 a month — he paid them more.

But things just got weirder and weirder. “We are greatly, greatly supportive of national treasures such as Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, and Peyton Manning, and we really support their efforts to really get the truth out there, and in the case of the current client we have right now, uh, that client is, um, very interested in releasing the Roswell papers,” Tullipso said.

Presumably, he was referring to Bradley Manning, the traitor, and not Peyton Manning, the quarterback.

Carlson asked Tullipso why he set up the fake website and questioned whether the entire thing was an attempt to trick the media into covering him. “Be honest. Did you think we were gonna fall for it?” Tucker asked. Tullispo eventually said that he was surprised to be invited onto his show to begin with and then made the most bizarre statement yet: “We are now supporting Trump in the hope that the Roswell documents from 1947 are finally released and put back into the hands of Fisher Stevens.”

Here is the video of the interview:

We suspect this guy may just be a loon who escaped from the nearest insane asylum, but he could be someone funded by George Soros to bring as much negative attention to Trump as possible.

We’re not going to worry too much about him though, since Tucker Carlson seems to have the situation well in hand and this nutcase isn’t any threat to Trump, either!

Source: Right Wing News

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