Look Who Just Pleaded Guilty For Tax Fraud, Voter Fraud, Identity Theft

It’s tough to hide the dangers of illegal immigration. Of course not all of those who enter the country illegally are planning lives of crime in their new country, but enough are to cause concern. Then there is the overriding principle that those who enter our nation in violation of our immigration laws are already criminals, although not necessarily violent ones.

The immigration laws need to be enforced, violators deported, and those who commit crimes in the US, violent or otherwise, charged, tried, and if found guilty, sent to prison. It’s really no more complicated than that.

The danger of ignoring this simple principle is illustrated by a Nigerian man named Kevin Kunlay Williams, AKA Kunlay Sodipo, who was deported once, managed to return to the US, and is now in jail having pleaded guilty to identity theft. He stole the identities of public school employees in order to file fraudulent tax returns, resulting in his receiving $12 million from the federal government.

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“Kevin Kunlay Williams, known as Kunlay Sodipo when originally entering the U.S., illegally returned to the country in 1999 after being expelled roughly four years prior.

“Upon return, Williams and other perpetrators stole public school employees’ official IDs from an outside company, according to the Department of Justice press release. They then used the credentials to unlawfully file more than 2,000 federal income tax returns, amounting to more than $12 million in prospective refunds. Williams purloined a number of official tax-related banking numbers used for refunds, even printing and forging blank checks.”

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This is a criminal with a very well thought-out plan. It’s unfortunate he didn’t use his abilities to legally enter the United States for an honest pursuit of income, instead of choosing to enter the country illegally and stealing from the federal government.

And as long as he was going to live here, even if illegally, he must have decided he may as well vote here as well.

“He also successfully registered to vote in all elections — local, state, and federal — by fraudulently claiming that he was a U.S. citizen. He ultimately voted in both the 2012 and 2016 presidential elections.”

He faces many years in prison for his crimes, this largely dependent on whether the judge decides to order him to serve them concurrently or consecutively.

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Yet again, we see the wisdom of our immigration laws and the importance of their enforcement.

Source: Daily Caller

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