Shocker — First Sanctuary City Surrenders To President Trump, Mayor Reverses Sanctuary Status

Did you know that there are over 300 so-called Sanctuary Cities in 32 States in the US and that many of those cities have an out-of-control identity theft and ID fraud problem? The reasons for these two statistics going hand-in-hand is simple. When illegal aliens jump the border and come here to live amongst the population, they need to work. Many of them need “legal” jobs, therefore they require ID.

Most “legal” employment requires a valid Social Security Number. That’s where the identity theft comes into play. There is an entire industry set up to provide illegals with stolen Social Security Numbers and fake IDs. It is big business, too, as many will demand up to $2K for a single Social Security Number. But of course, Americans suffer when their identity is stolen.

With the push by the Trump administration and the Department of Justice on cracking down on illegal aliens and the accompanying criminal activity, Attorney General Jeff Sessions sent letters to all “sanctuary cities” requesting that they fall in line with federal immigration law, or face losing federal funding. Well, today, there’s one down and a little over 300 to go as Miami becomes the first sanctuary city to capitulate!

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Independent Journal Review:

The Trump administration’s announcement that it would withhold federal funds from “sanctuary cities” recognized under the Obama administration ignited the fuse on what would become a wave of protests over the hot-button issue.

One mayor of a metropolitan area, Miami and Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez, stated his intention early that his city would come into full compliance with the Trump administration’s policies.

The South Florida city, largely populated by Cuban immigrants, exploded with outrage over Gimenez’s decision.

The urban immigrant community and its supporters also showed its rejection of subsequent Trump administration policies, such as the temporary ban on immigrants from Muslim majority nations.

As reported by the Miami Herald, the Gimenez policy reversed a 2013 county policy and directed Miami-Dade jails to “begin honoring requests by immigration officers to extend the detentions of people in local custody who are also being sought for possible deportation.”

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On August 5, Miami-Dade County’s Board of County Commissioners received a letter from the U.S. Department of Justice stating that it was in compliance. It thus became eligible for over $480,000 in federal grants.

Miami now becomes the first known major metropolitan area to reverse its sanctuary city status under the Trump administration.

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Sanctuary cities had their origins in the Holy Bible where a man could flee the scene of a crime and, if he reached one of seven sanctuary cities across Israel, he was to have the opportunity to be judged whether or not the crime was punishable by death.  If he had not reached the sanctuary city before being caught, street justice would take over and he could be stoned to death right then and there without a judgment.

In today’s society in the United States, there is a clearly defined federal law that describes entering the United States without going through the proper channels as illegal, and therefore punishable by deportation. If the offender repeats such an act, they could be jailed. And if they commit an act while illegally in this country that results in extra charges, they may spend time in prison and, upon release, be deported and banned from the US for life, without a chance to come back here even through legal means. There’s nothing ambiguous or difficult to understand about it. It’s time for the Liberals and the RINOs to start acting like adults again.

Source:  Independent Journal Review

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