Border Patrol Stops Hearse At Checkpoint — What They Find Inside The Coffin Will Make Your Blood Run Cold!

Border patrol agents have to be a very creative bunch, especially when it comes to navigating the different tactics smugglers employ in getting their products (human or otherwise) to their intended destinations. Some of these methods are actually very ingenious.

Of course, they have to be. Driving through customs with a bunch of boxes of drugs on your back seat or in your trunk isn’t the best idea unless you are trying for some sort of “hidden in plain sight” approach. Still, that’s not likely to work. And of course, we have heard about the tunnels that they have dug for “easier” smuggling.

But if you want to move 67 pound of marijuana into America, what’s to be done? How about putting it in a coffin? That’s just what one drug smuggler did. He put the pot in a coffin and put the coffin in a hearse. Ingenious, but it still didn’t work, thanks to our brilliant agents, who spotted the problem right away.

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“U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents monitoring an immigration checkpoint near Tombstone, Arizona spotted the white hearse Saturday, traveling north from the checkpoint. Agents decided to stop the vehicle, which had one occupant and a coffin in the back at the intersection of Highway 90 and Highway 82, reports Douglas Dispatch.”

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Agents called in the dogs to check the vehicle who then “found roughly 67 pounds of marijuana stuffed inside the coffin, which carries an estimated street value of $33,000.”

How he packed the marijuana in order to try to hide the odor ought to give pot smokers something to think about. “Agents searching the hearse also found a number of bags of manure in the coffin, which the driver used in an attempt to mask the smell of marijuana.”

That might be a unique way to smuggle drugs, but these guys get creative.

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Authorities arrested the driver, a 28-year-old American citizen, on charges of narcotics smuggling. This is what happens when you get caught under the Trump administration!

Although uniquely creative, nevertheless, dumping marijuana with bags of manure into a casket and driving it around in a hearse would have to be one of the more bizarre techniques tried. For everyone’s benefit, its great that he got caught. I highly doubt you will see these smuggles attempt this technique again!

Source: Daily Caller
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