Border Patrol Stops Truck At Checkpoint…What They Find Inside The Fuel Tank Will Make Your Skin Crawl!

As long as there exists a demand for illegal drugs in America, there will be those who will turn to lives of crime to meet that demand. It’s great money while it lasts. The snag is that it often does not last with the result that you are either in prison or dead.

The ingenuity of drug smugglers is amazing. Fortunately, our Border Patrol agents who are on the front line in the battle to keep these drugs out of our country have some very high-tech and not-so-high tech tools. The later would include K-9s with their remarkable sense of smell. The former would include some advanced image scanning equipment.

And it was just that sort of high-tech equipment that lead to the discovery of 189 pounds of liquid meth contained in a secret compartment within the fuel tank of a truck. Value? Almost $4 million.

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“CBP officers at the Hidalgo International Bridge found 189 pounds of liquid methamphetamine hidden in a secret compartment inside the fuel tank of a Chevy Silverado pickup truck, Breitbart Texas reported. Officers learned the driver of that truck is also a U.S. citizen. A non-intrusive imaging scan revealed the hidden tank inside the truck’s fuel tank leading officers to the discovery.

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We’re not informed how a tank containing drugs was placed within a fuel tank, but the idea probably was to both hide the tank from agents as well as to mask the smell of the drugs by surrounding the tank containing the meth with the fuel in the main tank.

Anyway, it didn’t work. And if the hope was to reduce suspicion by using a female American citizen to drive the truck, that didn’t work either.

“Officials seized the drugs and the truck. The driver, a 20-year-old female from Houston, Texas, is under arrest and faces possible drug smuggling charges. Officials estimated this load of meth to be worth more than $3.7 million.”

There appears to be increased enforcement of our drug laws with Donald Trump as president and Jeff Sessions as attorney general. Customs and Border Patrol agents are finally getting the support they deserve.

They are to be complimented not only for their fine work now, but for toughing it out during the derelict Obama administration when such support was sadly lacking.

Source: Breitbart

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