Whoa! You Won’t Believe Who Feds Just Indicted For Planning Terrorist Attack

Sometimes, the biggest threats to the safety and security of America are not gun-toting, bomb-making individuals who wear suicide vests and behead unbelievers. Too often, we are inundated with information about a terror attack where the culprit was a man who lived among the people in that neighborhood and was considered a “very nice person.”

The truth of the matter is that, especially with those who need to operate in the strictest of secrecy, these sleeper cells have to be extremely proficient at fitting in and having everyone around them comfortable enough to let their guards down so that the imminent attack is never suspected. Rarely are the people behind the attacks just the attackers themselves, but highly trained logistics personnel who do all the leg work.

In Oakland, California, a hotbed of activity for terrorist planning, a young man who was apparently one such individual was finally indicted by authorities. His was apprehended in November of 2016 and has now finally been indicted. His name is Amer Sinan Alhaggagi.

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KCBS San Francisco:

A spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office said Amer Sinan Alhaggagi — who has been in federal custody since last November — was indicted on Thursday by a federal grand jury on several counts including attempting to provide social media accounts for the use and benefit of ISIS.

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In a detention document filed in December, federal prosecutors told the court that Alhaggagi had spent significant time in Yemen and had allegedly met undercover agents on “numerous occasions to plan a potential terrorist attack.”

In a statement, Alhaggagi’s attorney August Gugelmann denied his client knowingly was involved in terrorism.

“Amer is not anti-American and does not support ISIS or any other terrorist organization,” the statement read. “He is completely nonviolent, and he took no actions to harm anyone.”

In the detention order for Alhaggagi filed on Dec. 20, federal prosecutors told the court that the Oakland man was “both a serious flight risk and a danger to the community.”

According to the document, Alhaggagi “was not currently employed and had spent significant lengths of time in Yemen.”

The government presented evidence to support a no-bail hold including instant messages allegedly sent by Alhaggagi and recordings made of the defendant by undercover agents.

According to other court documents, the FBI originally took Alhaggagi into custody last November on identity theft related charges.

It appears from the documents that Alhaggagi had been under surveillance for some time.

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As is the case with all of these situations, the person who is caught fulfilling contracts with the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda, al-Nusra, ISIS, or any other terror or splinter-terror group, the excuse is always the same: “My client didn’t know who he was talking to or what he was agreeing to…”

These are the kinds of individuals who end up orchestrating a major destructive event and facilitating such an event through extensive contacts, distribution of funds, availability of weapons, etc.  This was a good catch, indeed.

Source:  KCBS San Francisco

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