WATCH: This FedEx Worker’s EPIC Response To Protesters’ Flag Burning Will Wake America Up Big Time…This Is Going VIRAL!

While burning the US flag may well be protected “speech” in America, it is a tasteless and selfish insult to patriotic Americans as well as to those who have served this nation, especially in uniform during combat. If the flag-burners were willing and capable of exercising their intelligence, surely they could come up with a better way of expressing their grievances. Anybody can set fire to a piece of cloth, yet it takes some ability and work to craft a persuasive argument. Perhaps they are just too lazy.

We’ve come to expect this sort of behavior from those on the left. While acknowledging those liberals who express themselves in well-argued pieces, they do seem to attract the loons who are more interested in upsetting their opponents than in expressing why they believe their views are correct. As such, they damage their own cause, and are downright offensive.

When someone takes a stand against offensive behavior like flag-burning, especially when it might put that person’s job in jeopardy, we eagerly await the results and possible fallout from his or her actions. Often times, conservatives are disappointed, but not always, as a recent story reveals.

This story is very simple: “When a bunch of…protesters decided to burn the American flag at a shopping center near Iowa City, Iowa, [FedEx driver Matt] Uhrin could not stand idly by. Still wearing his FedEx jumpsuit he leapt out of his truck with a fire extinguisher, put out the fire and rescued one of the flags.”

Here’s the video of the event. Note that there is some foul language in this brief clip (Parental Advisory):

So, did his employer discipline him for this act, or fire him? This tweet from FedEx shares the good news:

Chalk up a win for the good guys!

And by the way, what about the protestors? “[T]wo members of the ‘protest’ will be facing criminal charges including a fine and possible jail time for violating Iowa City’s public burn ordinance.”

And you have a great day, too!

Source: Allen B. West

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