Federal Judge Strikes, Sabotages President Trump — Criminal Illegals Now Allowed To…

Do you get the impression that we have more than one court system in this country? That’s probably not the best way of putting it. What we have are two different approaches to understanding and applying the law. One looks at the original intent and case law as precedents, and the other takes a more activist and progressive approach, discovering new interpretations relative to cultural norms. You should have a very good idea on which side of this argument we come down.

We have examples of the latter approach turning up in decisions relative to President Trump’s efforts to enforce immigration laws and deport illegal aliens. One that has reared its head recently involves Iraqis scheduled for deportment whose deportment has been blocked by a federal judge.

What has happened here is that this federal judge in Detroit has found that these illegals might be persecuted if returned to their home country of Iraq, and has ordered that they cannot be deported until the completion of a trial, one in which the ACLU, as expected, is arguing the case for the illegals.

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“A Detroit federal judge ruled Tuesday that the government cannot deport nearly 200 illegal immigrants from Iraq, due to concerns that they could be persecuted if returned to their home country.

“U.S. District Judge Mark Goldsmith found that he had the legal authority to stay the deportations indefinitely while the detained Iraqis appeal their cases in federal court.

“In his ruling, Goldsmith said that repatriating the Iraqis would expose them to ‘substantiated risk of death, torture, or other grave persecution before their legal claims can be tested in a court,’ reports Reuters.”

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What else do we know about these Iraqis?

“Most of the ICE detainees are Iraqi Kurds or Chaldean Christians that were living in the Detroit metro area. Advocates for the Iraqis say they have been living in the U.S. for years and do not present a threat to public safety, but ICE claims all of those arrested have criminal convictions, many for serious offenses including murder, rape and drug trafficking.”

Just the sort of people we want in our country. And we wonder why cities like Detroit and Chicago are cesspits of crime.

What does the ACLU have to say about this, as though we couldn’t guess?

“Due to the unique threats faced in their native country, the ACLU says, Iraqi detainees should be permitted to appeal their deportations in the federal courts. The Department of Justice, on the other hand, has argued that only immigration courts have jurisdiction in the matter.”

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So, if they have committed serious offenses such as murder and rape, is the ACLU arguing that they should be permitted to stay in the U.S. so they can serve time in prison? Probably not.

“Despite outstanding orders of removal, many of the Iraqis had been allowed to stay in the U.S. because until recently, Iraq had refused to accept them for repatriation. Iraq agreed to take back the detainees in March as part of a deal to remove the country from the Trump administration’s revised travel ban.”

It is telling when these people’s own country doesn’t want them back. Says something about Iraqi leaders’ opinion of their value to society.

Other than that, it’s just another effort by a leftist judicial system to block anything President Trump attempts to do. Hence, no surprises here, just another swamp in need of draining.

Source: Daily Caller

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