Fed Up California Democrats Turn On Nancy Pelosi And Demand That She…

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, as well as President Barack Hussein Obama, were perhaps the three most transformative politicians ever to grace the halls of Washington. Between the three of these Democrats, they were responsible for a vast degeneration of the Party of the Jackass, which ultimately led to their major presidential loss in 2016.

For both Obama and Reid, the road is a bit less tough for them. While Reid enjoys the fact that he has become a multi-millionaire over three decades of living off the taxpayers’ blood, Obama continues to indulge in interfering with politics within the Swamp as his Department of Shadowy Endeavors rolls on with much enthusiasm for thwarting nearly everything President Trump is attempting to do on behalf of America.

For Pelosi, however, she is still in office because, quite frankly, she is so slavishly addicted to the cameras and microphones of the adoring fans in the Fake News Industrial Complex that she finds it difficult to tear herself away from the nasty habit. Democrats, however, especially newer, younger Millennials, are finding difficult to stomach her excuses anymore. With a string of losses worse than Michael Moore films, Pelosi is on the wrong side of a new poll which shows that Dems want her out!

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The Daily Caller:

Democrats in California are losing patience with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, a new poll suggests.

A poll conducted earlier this month by UC Berkeley’s Institute for Governmental Studies shows that more California Democrats support the idea of replacing Pelosi as leader of House Democrats than allowing her to remain in that role.

According to the poll, which surveyed 1,200 registered Democrats in all, if Democrats win the House in 2018, 44 percent said they would want someone other than Pelosi chosen as Speaker. Thirty percent said they would want Pelosi to continue leading the party while 26 percent said they had no opinion.

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Support for Pelosi is even weaker if Democrats remain in the minority. Fifty percent of respondents said that Pelosi should be replaced as House Minority Leader if Democrats fail to regain control of the House. Thirty-one percent said Pelosi should remain as House Minority Leader, and 19 percent had no opinion.

The poll, which was conducted through Sept. 5, reflects a growing sense of frustration with Pelosi and other Democratic party leaders. While considered one of the party’s best fundraisers and organizers, Pelosi has lost support among a growing number of rank-and-file House Democrats who believe that leadership has grown stale and out of touch.

In June, CNN reported that House Democrats were for the first time publicly questioning whether Pelosi should continue to serve as Minority Leader. New York Rep. Kathleen Rice went on the record, saying “it’s time for Nancy Pelosi to go, and the entire leadership team.”

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If it turns out that the Democrats finally turn their back on Pelosi, it won’t be long before she, too, retires and fades into the background forever. Don’t bet that it’s a done deal, though, as she still has a lot of fundraising power. Needless to say, that fundraising power won’t be extended generously to the newer candidates. Pelosi is famously stingy when it comes to this type of campaigning.

The Democrats will be in some deep waters if they think they can keep losing the way they are without recognizing where the real culprits are: Not Donald Trump or the Russians, but Pelosi, Waters, Schumer, Gutierrez, and the ridiculous mayors and governors around the country who continue to stress the continuance of sanctuary cities.

Source: The Daily Caller

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