BREAKING: The FBI Is Holding A HUGE Wiretap Secret…Will Only Speak To…

The FBI has been in the center of controversies even before the Trump presidency really started. This would include the issue of Hillary’s private email server that turned out to be an insecure repository of classified documents during her tenure as secretary of state. The FBI director, Mr. Comey, inserted himself into the debate on this issue during the campaign leading to accusations that he was trying to influence the outcome.

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He now is going to appear before Congress as that body attempts to learn the truth about wiretapping allegations against the Obama administration as well as allegations of Russian interference with the presidential election. But therein lies an intriguing twist.

In addition to his public testimony, Mr. Comey has agreed to a classified briefing of two U.S. senators regarding these allegations. “While no actual evidence of such wiretapping has been revealed, the FBI sent a letter to South Carolina Sen. Lindsay Graham responding to his request for a briefing, the U.K. Daily Mail reported. Graham said Wednesday that FBI Director James Comey agreed to brief Graham and Rhode Island Democrat Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, but only in a ‘classified’ setting, meaning that the public won’t be able to know what is said during the meeting.”

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Presumably, Comey would insist that this briefing be classified so as to avoid revealing the methods the FBI uses to gather information. Possibly, but this will do nothing but further inflame the controversy. And the date for this briefing has not been set.

Of course, if the FBI has no evidence of wrongdoing, Mr. Comey could just state that publicly and he certainly would not in so doing be revealing any classified information or clandestine tools the bureau possesses. That doesn’t mean it would end the debate, but if it’s the truth it would be a good place to start.

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The problem Comey has is that he and his FBI are in the middle of a very nasty, highly politicized situation that has international implications. It would not be hard to argue that he has really botched this, and thus added to the nation’s woes. Whether you want to make that case or not, he now really is in a no-win situation, especially if he equivocates during his public testimony before Congress that is scheduled to begin on Monday.

His agreeing to a classified briefing with two senators is essentially an admission that there is information about these matters that he will not reveal during his public testimony on Monday. Hence, it’s very unlikely that he is going to satisfy much of anyone. As questions continue and suspicions remain, the nation’s premier law enforcement agency and its director will remain in the political spotlight, just where they shouldn’t be.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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