WHOA: FBI Just Raided These Offices?

Given the level on controversy President Trump’s proposed border wall with Mexico has generated since he first announced it back when he was Candidate Trump, no one should be surprised by what happens between now and when the last brick is put in place.

The left is dedicated to open borders and unrestricted immigration. Thus they hate the border wall almost as much as the despise Present Trump himself. This probably doesn’t bother the president in the slightest, except for the obstacles they might erect to the construction of the wall.

Hence when we learn that a company that is bidding to construct a portion of the wall has been raided by the FBI, suspicions are naturally aroused. Is the company actually crooked, or is the deep state at work?

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One of Mr. Obama’s more infamous accomplishments, one supported by Hillary Clinton, has been the compromising of the integrity of our federal law enforcement agencies. These are terrible offenses as one thing the nation does not need is a public that sees its legal system as simply a tool of political interests.

The question now remains as to whether those corrupting influences remain in position to plague the Trump administration. Hence, our suspicions are raised when we learn that a construction firm that is bidding to construct part of the border wall has just been raided by the FBI.

Here’s some information on the company targeted by the FBI raids. Dannenbaum Engineering Corporation is one of the companies that has been involved in the construction of border barriers and expressed interest in the construction of the border wall.

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Further, “The engineering company has proposed spending $378.92 million to fill several miles of fence and wall gaps in Hidalgo County, according to previous unrelated reporting from the San Antonio Express-News.”

Complicating the matter is the fact that the firm does not have a sterling reputation. “In 2005, the Brownsville Navigation District sued Dannenbaum over $21.4 million that the government entity paid to the engineering firm for the construction of an international bridge that was never built, the Brownsville Herald reported at the time. The funds were paid to subcontractors in Mexico that were then funneled to shell companies.”

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So there’s the problem: Is this a justified raid against a firm that has a sordid past and is continuing in its formerly corrupt ways? Or is the deep state targeting a firm that has cleaned up its act and is doing nothing wrong, other than getting on the wrong side of the left in bidding to construct part of the wall?
Source: Breitbart
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