You’ll Never Believe Who’s Just Been Found Guilty For Murder — Leaves FBI In Full Meltdown

We expect agencies such as the FBI to set the standard for excellence in matters of law enforcement. Its crime lab is legendary, and its work in solving crimes is the sort of stuff about which movies and television shows are made.

Yet, in spite of the thorough investigations it conducts on those who seek employment at the agency, no system is perfect, and sometimes the wrong people become FBI agents. It is especially dangerous when this happens, as there is the anticipation that law enforcement agents can be counted on to uphold the law, not break it.

So it is particularly disturbing to learn that a former FBI agent and his daughter have been found guilty of the murder of the man’s son-in-law. The name of the former agent is Thomas Martens, and he has been sentenced for the murder along with his daughter.

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“A former FBI agent remained emotionless and his daughter burst into tears when a North Carolina judge sentenced both of them to prison on Wednesday for murdering the woman’s husband. 

“Thomas Martens, 67, and Molly Corbett, 33, were found guilty of second-degree murder in the death of Corbett’s husband, Jason Corbett, who died after being smashed in the head at least 10 times with a baseball bat in 2015, FOX8 reported. 

“Martens and Corbett, a former model, were sentenced to 20 to 25 years in prison, though both defense attorneys have filed appeals. The father-daughter duo both claimed they killed Jason Corbett in self-defense.”

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Obviously the jury didn’t buy the claim of self-defense. And if someone is defending himself or herself, it hardly seems necessary to hit the assailant “in the head at least 10 times with a baseball bat.” And, it would also seem likely that a trained FBI agent could subdue an assailant with far less violence. To an average observer, it would appear the desire was not to just subdue this man, but deliberately to kill him. That a former FBI agent committed this crime just makes a tragic situation even worse.

“Irish national Jason Corbett, 39, was found dead on Aug. 2, 2015. Molly Corbett claimed her husband was threatening to kill her and attacked her before her dad stepped in, according to The-Dispatch. Martens took a bat and hit his son-in-law in the head several times. 

“The medical examiner said Jason Corbett died from blunt force trauma and suffered at least 10 hits to the head. The baseball bat was one of the more than 200 pieces of evidence shown in court.”

The jury foreman, Tom Ammland, got it right when he said in court, “There are no winners in this case. Everybody loses to some degree and we all agreed on that.”

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Indeed. And it is sad that the FBI shared in that loss.

Source: Fox News

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