Father Teaches School Board A Sharia Law Lesson They Won’t Soon Forget! “You’re Gonna Have To…”

The Arabic word for waging warfare to spread the Islamic faith is called Jihad and this warfare can take many forms. Of course, there is the violent kind, where it’s done by force and threat of death, and there are the more peaceful kinds like using the legal system to pass laws more favorable to the spread of Islam.

But also, there is the very subtle kind where Muslims influence their local school boards to implement sensitivity training in the name of stopping the bullying of Muslim students, even when there is no rampant bullying problem present. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) convinced the San Diego school board to implement just such a program.

Parents became livid over the fact that their children were being indoctrinated into Islam under the guise of an anti-bullying program and the father of one student had some choice words for the school board which tried to silence him. His response was heroic: “You’re gonna have to drag me outta here.”

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From Mad World News:

…irate parents flocked to the San Diego School Board’s meeting to make their voices heard. One pissed off dad said, “My name is Christopher Wyrick, I’m a father, a husband, and a very, very proud American. I’ve been given many titles in my life, but the one I’ll never accept is the one of ‘infidel.’”

Mr. Wyrick was continuing to expose tough truths about the infiltration of Islam in American schools when the board tried to cut him off. He then said these eight words: “You’re gonna have to drag me outta here!”

The board shut up, sensing Mr. Wyrick was not fooling around. He continued forcefully making points that leave the audience cheering. His complete comments are in the video below, as are other parents. Every single speaker was against implementing this so-called Muslim anti-bullying program.

Watch the video of the San Diego school board meeting here.


According to the San Diego Tribune, a newspaper sympathetic to leftist causes:

Several people also addressed the board about an anti-bullying program to protect Muslim students it had approved earlier this month.

But the objections being raised by parents had to do with Islamic indoctrination of their children in the name of fighting Islamophobia, but there was no big problem with Muslim students being bullied. It was all a big lie! This is the subtle kind of Jihad mentioned before.

The district had worked with the Council on American-Islamic Relations [CAIR] in creating steps to protect the students.

American students are at risk of being indoctrinated into an oppressive system of religious persecution that opposes all other faiths and religious beliefs. Islam’s barbaric treatment of women and non-Muslims should preclude it from ever being mainstreamed in America. And we would do well to be on guard against a religious system that has murdered, literally, hundreds of millions of innocent people in it’s 1400 year history. The Spanish Inquisition was a drop in the bucket compare to that!

Source: Mad World News

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