FAKE NEWS FIRESTORM! CNN Caught Again: What Reporter Did To Trump This Time Is Truly INFURIATING!

We can always rely on the liberal mainstream news media to be ever vigilant to find some little insignificant tidbit of information, or even gossip that they can blow out of proportion. The idea is to create a major news storm that leads to another controversy for President Trump.

If they can manage to get the big new networks to pick it up then…SCORE! Another slam dunk for the anti-Trumpsters who melt at the sight of him like the snowflakes they are!

A CNN reporter, Kate Bennett, was ‘Johnny on the spot’ to catch president Trump…being thirsty, I guess.

He had a soda on his desk. The horror!

From Mad World News:

There’s a reason CNN has been dubbed the Clinton News Network, and their reporter Kate Bennett seems to be a perfect fit for the “fake news” site. In face, Bennett found herself on the hunt for a chink in Trump’s apparently impenetrable armor, and like many in the liberal media, she repeatedly came up short. However, she wasn’t about to be deterred.

In an attempt that exudes desperation, Bennett tweeted the following:

Via RedStateWatcher:

CNN reporter Kate Bennett is so desperate for fake news today that she tweeted out a photograph of President Donald Trump and pointed out that the President is drinking a soda at the Resolute desk — “something you never saw during previous administration” she says. Several have pointed out that there is indeed a coaster underneath the glass.

It appears Bennett forgot to point out that Obama had something much worst on the Resolute desk. His foot!

And we mustn’t forget Jimmy Carter.

And we refuse to discuss what heinous things Bill Clinton did in the Oval Office.

If the liberal news media have been reduced to this kind of “gotcha journalism” in order to try and make Trump look bad in the eyes of America, then they are as desperate as a wino trying to buy a $3 bottle of Boone’s Farm with a two dollar bill!

It’s just sad to see!

Source: Mad World News

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