After Raping Girl, Liberal Judge Gives Evil Muslim Refugee Light Sentence For One Horrifying Reason

Sweden is apparently not particularly concerned about protecting women, or even of promoting women’s rights. At least their courts are giving no evidence of such priorities. Instead, they are more concerned about giving the benefit of the doubt to Muslims migrants who commit unspeakable atrocities against these women, especially children.

What possesses a court system to go completely off the rails remains something of a mystery. Perhaps the judges just fear for their persons if they issue harsh sentences to Muslims. Or maybe they believe the nonsense they speak from the bench. But whatever the case, they are a bunch of derelicts who should all be fired.

The latest outrage involves an 18-year old repeat offender who raped a younger teenage girl, and got his sentence reduced by claiming to be only 17. This is evidence of a court that is either utterly incompetent or corrupt. Take your pick.

“In late December 2016, a Syrian refugee identified only as Mohammed was arrested for the rape of a 13-year-old girl in Östersund, Sweden. The migrant had reportedly lured the child into a public school bathroom, locked the door, and muffled her screams as he sexually assaulted her. Incidentally, Mohammed was indicted just weeks earlier for the rape of a 14-year-old girl in the same city but was freed after his charge was inexplicably reduced to sexual exploitation of a child. Likewise, his next conviction would once again see him not only freed with a slap on the wrist but morally atoned by a left-leaning judge because of his disturbing plea.”

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And here’s where the court demonstrates that it is not competent to adjudicate such matters.

“Fria Tider reports that despite the Swedish Migration Board providing documents proving that Mohammed was an adult at the time of the rape, the Östersund District Court judge refused the evidence and took the migrant’s word that he was just 17 years old, allowing him to get off with just 2 months in jail. The judge also denied age testing which would confirm Mohammed’s age, saying that none of the evidence the Migration Board could provide would be enough to satisfy the court.”

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In other words, what this pitiful excuse for a judge has just admitted is that he does not want to be bothered with the facts. This should be the last case that judge ever hears.

Source: Mad World News

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