Evil Muslim Rapes His Cousin. As Court Releases This Perv, Guess What Happens To Victim?!

One of the biggest problems that Muslims have is their own body of scriptures. The Koran is a difficult document to defend from the standpoint of the rights of women. Not only do parts of the Koran claim they are worth only half the value of a man, but the punishments for disobedience are very severe.

This creates real problems for liberal women’s rights groups in western nations, especially in the US. In the left’s zeal to advocate for the Muslim cause, they must either radically reinterpret Islamic holy scriptures, which they really have no justification for doing, or engage in the most massive act of self-delusion ever.

The problem is the notion of “justice” under Sharia law directly conflict western laws as well as any enlightened view of the rights of women. For example, a Muslim woman who was raped by her Muslim cousin, has been condemned to death by stoning by a Muslim court, simply because she could not come up with four male witnesses to the event and thus was concluded to have seduced her cousin.

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“When 19-year-old Shumaila Kari was brutally raped by her own cousin, Khaleel Ahmed, at gunpoint, her family immediately reported the heinous crime to Pakistani authorities, namely the Islamic court in Rajanpur. Hoping for justice, the teen told the Sharia council that she was attacked while sleeping in her family home in Punjab and that Khaleel had forced himself upon her. Shumaila explained that she was unable to cry for help because he held a gun to her head and warned her to stay quiet as he carried out the sexual abuse.”

What comes next should outrage anyone with a sense of what justice should be about. And it should send the feminist left into fits of righteous rage, a position this time we would agree with.

“Despite all evidence against the rapist, the Islamic court has sentenced the 19-year-old rape victim to death by stoning for committing adultery since she was unable to provide at least 4 Muslim male witnesses to corroborate the crime, as the Quran demands. The Express Tribune reports that since Shumaila could not prove that her cousin raped her, she was convicted of adultery, which requires execution as punishment, in accordance with the Quran and hadith.”

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Call it barbarism, insanity, male chauvinism gone berserk, or whatever else you can thing up, the one thing it most definitely is not is justice. In fact, if these lunatics manage to execute their judgement on this girl by stoning her to death, the punishment against this innocent girl will actually be worse than the original crime, if that can be imagined.

The solution for western countries, one which few have been embraced, it is make it clear than any Muslims they might allow in their country must check their Sharia law at the door. Or to put it just as plainly and bluntly as possible, US law must be reinforced with provision that Muslim ideas of justice, including Sharia law, are banned from our country.

Source: Mad World News

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