EVIL Muslim Pedophile Tries To Take 14 Year Old Boy From His Mother — Then She Goes To WAR!

Most people are unaware of the kinds of dangers their children can potentially encounter in simply doing what they would normally do on any ordinary day.

One mother of a teenager learned how easy it is for a sexual predator to target an innocent young boy by tempting him with tennis shoes and a trip to the beach.

The mom had loaned her 14-year-old son a phone to use and noticed his open Instagram account contained messages from a person who’s name she didn’t recognize. After learning that the person was an older man trying to lure her unsuspecting son into having sex with him with promises of a road trip to Miami and free tennis shoes, she took action.

Pretending to be her son, she set up a meeting with the 62-year-old pedophile and recorded the conversation, giving the police enough evidence to arrest Mohamed El-Saawy for soliciting a minor. Oh, and did we mention he’s Muslim?

From WSB-TV Atlanta:

A mother’s curiosity about her son’s social media use led Johns Creek Police to a man accused of trying to lure the teen into a sexual relationship, authorities said. 

“It’s shocking,” the woman, whose identity is being concealed to protect her 14-year-old son, told Channel 2’s Mike Petchenik. “Very, very upsetting.”

The woman said her son’s phone had broken, so he was using hers, and when he returned it she noticed that his Instagram account was open and there were messages from a man whose name she didn’t recognize.

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“At first it was talking about normal things, like shoes and clothes and things like that, but then it got to be very strange,” she said. 

Police said 62-year-old Mohamed El-Saawy eventually began discussing taking the teen on a trip to Miami.

Police said El-Saawy sells high-end designer shoes online and met the teen at a shoe convention in Gwinnett County, then continued to talk to him via social media.

“There were some comments about sexual things, being comfortable with each other and undressing in front of each other,” the boy’s mother said.

She said she allowed the discussion to continue so she could gather more evidence to take to police.

“I went into the house and actually brought him out with the suitcase, and then the police came and explained to him what was going on,” she said.

Johns Creek police had the woman set up a meeting with El-Saawy and recorded it.

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“She arranges the meeting, wanting to know what his plans were, what his purpose was in this,” said Capt. Chris Byers. “Everything that happened there built the probable cause we need.”

Police arrested El-Saawy last week in Sandy Springs. He is charged with a number of offenses, including enticing a minor.

In most Muslim countries, using minor aged boys for sex is considered part of Islamic society. They don’t see anything wrong with it! Americans with any sense of traditional morality know this is wrong, and yet so many liberals ignore the problem among Muslim men. Could it be that liberals agree with Muslims? Islamic Sharia law institutionalizes the sexual abuse of children, women, and even animals by predatory Muslim men!  This is why Islam does not belong in western countries! PERIOD!

Source: Mad World News

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