Employee Refuses To Sell Alcohol Because Of Sharia Law, Customer Has 7 Words For Him

Islam has it backwards. You look for jobs and employers where you will be a good fit. You do not pick a potential employer, manage to get hired, and then demand the job be changed to suit you and your religious preferences. This idea doesn’t just apply to Muslims, of course. It applies to everyone.

There is an entitlement attitude that proposes that it’s the responsibility of businesses to make accommodations that are utterly ridiculous. It’s not the job of your employer to make sure you are having fun on your job, or never witness something that troubles you. It is your employer’s job to make a profit while following the law so you can be paid your earnings.

Aldi is now in hot water because the company allowed one employee to set policy to accommodate his religion. Specifically, an Aldi cashier who is a Muslim refused to sell alcohol, with a sign posted that no alcohol will be sold in his checkout aisle. When a customer complained, and Aldi did little to nothing in response, the customer made a comment that has gone viral on social media: “I will never shop in Aldi again.”

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“Regular shoppers at a local Aldi’s Food Market were shocked to see something new after walking into the store recently. As it turns out, a new sign had popped up overnight on the end of a cashier’s check-out lane – and all it took was two words to leave customers absolutely livid.”

“As can be seen in the image posted on Twitter, the sign reads, ‘No alcohol is able to be served on this till. Sorry for any inconvenience.'”

It was a customer named Ethan who engaged Aldi in a confrontation on Twitter. Once Ethan’s complaint on Twitter was noticed by Aldi’s management, a feeble attempt to explain the situation was offered to Ethan and the public.

“‘Aldi this is absolute garbage,’ he angrily shot back. ‘You are allowing this person to refuse to sell alcohol due to his religion. I will never shop in Aldi again.'”

The point to take away from this is that it is not Western cultures that are discriminating against Islam. The problem is that there are Muslims who enter Western cultures and then expect the governments and citizens of those nations to change their laws and customs and culture to suit them.

That expectation is so outrageous and unreasonable that it seems absurd to even have to address it. Yet, as much as we’d like to get on to other topics, apparently we are going to be forced to periodically point out that immigrants are not entitled to demand that existing cultures change their laws and society to make them comfortable or to conform to their religion. It is the immigrants’ job to show some respect for existing laws and ways of life.

Until they figure that out, there will remain multiple cultures within nations that are at tension with each other. And who wants that?

Source: Mad World News

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