Government Officials Release Emergency Plans To Prepare For Nuclear Attack From…

The possibility of nuclear war is perhaps one of the most unpleasant and even terrifying events one could ever be called on to contemplate. Yet since it remains a possibility, there are those whose jobs are not only to consider, but also prepare for such a horrific possibility. This would include both those in the military who would prosecute such a war as well as those who would be charged with insuring as many survive an attack as possible. They have unenviable jobs.

With North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un being his usual bellicose self, and have appeared to have developed missiles that just might make it to Hawaii, or which soon will have that capability, defending the island state from such an attack must be considered. Even with doubts existing as to whether his scientists have miniaturized a nuclear warhead to the point where it could be fitted on such a missile, the possibility is too great to be ignored.

In response to this threat, Hawaii’s Emergency Management Agency has developed and now released a plan to help defend the people of that state from a possible nuclear attack from North Korea. The primary goal, of course is to minimize casualties.

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The Daily Caller reports that, “Hawaii is introducing an emergency response plan for residents to prepare them for a possible North Korean missile strike, according to state officials.

“Hawaii’s Emergency Management Agency said Thursday it will launch a public information and education campaign to ensure that islanders know what to do in the event that North Korea fires a long-range missile, one potentially armed with a nuclear warhead, at the Aloha state, the Honolulu Star Adviser reported.

“‘We do not want to cause any undue stress for the public; however, we have a responsibility to plan for all hazards,’ Vern T. Miyagi, Hawaii’s Emergency Management Agency administrator, said in a statement. ‘We don’t know the exact capabilities or intentions of the North Korean government, but there is clear evidence that it is trying to develop ballistic missiles that could conceivably one day reach our state.'”

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This is reminiscent of those old black & white movies schoolkids in the United States watched in the 50s under the broad title of “Duck and Cover.” The idea was to prepare the children to react to a potential nuclear missile strike from the Soviet Union in such a way as to maximize their survival. Or it gave the government the opportunity to at least appear to be doing something helpful.

There is no desire here to minimize the threat that North Korea might pose. Kim Jong-un may be utterly unstable, and have enough power over his generals to compel them to actually launch a nuclear missile at Hawaii or wherever. His generals would need to decide whether their chance of survival would be better by refusing the dictator’s order, or whether it would be better to launch the missiles and then try to live through the inevitable US nuclear retaliation. Neither choice seems very hopeful from their standpoint.

All of this said, if our military truly knows North Korea’s capabilities, they are not saying. It is also unlikely that our military would reveal all the countermeasures against such an attack that we might have.

Again, this is not to suggest North Korea be ignored. However we can be reasonably certain that if they were to strike the US with a nuclear weapon, they would have just become the world’s first “suicide-bomber country,” in that it would not take much of a retaliation by US nuclear forces to render North Korea uninhabitable. And tragically, some area around it. No doubt North Korea’s leaders understand this.

If everyone in the US were to add up the sum total of all the calamities that might befall them and dwell on them long enough, no doubt the sales of Xanax would skyrocket. It is an uncertain world, and while precautions and preparations can be very reasonable and prudent, one simply cannot remove all risks, or even most of them.

Hawaii is still a beautiful place. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Source: Right Wing News

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