FBI Releases Damning New Docs On Email Investigation, There’s Nothing Hillary, Barack Can Do To Stop It

For a gang of thieves, the troops under Mr. Obama did a very good job of sticking together. You sometimes hear of one crook “ratting out” another either for personal gain, or to avoid prosecution. However, so far, so good for this bunch. At least from the perspective of those who served in the upper tiers of the Obama administration.

Yet they do need to continue to coordinate as they keep the ball from going in the net, to use a soccer analogy. Due to their likely interconnections, these paragons of public service need to look out for each other, regardless of whether they truly care or actually hate each others’ guts. If one goes down, the tapestry starts to unravel for all of them. It would be a thing of beauty to witness.

And things are a bit frayed around the edges. The FBI, under new management, has disclosed 42 pages of documents demonstrating the Obama administration’s dereliction in pursuing the investigation into Hillary’s email funny-business. Not only that, they made it easy for Hillary to filter what she revealed to to the FBI, deliberately hiding certain information as the Obama administration did nothing to hold her accountable for this. As a result, so far, Hillary skates.

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Let’s just take a look at what Fox News has to report on this, since the pieces of this story all fit together.

“Some 42 pages of highly redacted documents from the FBI’s criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of highly classified materials paint a picture of a serious, but flawed investigation hindered by a lack of cooperation, according to a key watchdog group.

“The materials, all part of the probe dubbed “Midyear Exam,” included several documents designated as “grand jury material,” indicating the potential seriousness of the investigation that would ultimately be ended by FBI director James Comey in July, then restarted for a brief period in October before being shut down for good.

“One redacted exchange reveals a back and forth subpoena response to the FBI from one of Mrs. Clinton’s private attorneys, Katherine Turner, a partner at Washington DC powerhouse firm Williams & Connolly. In the document, Turner agreed to turn over one of Mrs. Clinton’s non-secure Apple iPads and two of her BlackBerrys to the FBI.

“But neither smartphone received from the law firm contain SIM cards or Secure Digital (SD) cards, and a total of 13 mobile devices identified by the FBI as potentially using email addresses were never located by Williams & Connelly.”

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So what we appear to have here are some high-powered lawyers representing Hillary playing the FBI for fools. Seems like a strange thing to do with a matter that Mrs. Clinton has referred to as a “nothing burger.”

And what was on those data storage cards that were apparently removed from the smart phones before they were turned over to the FBI? Are we to believe this was an honest oversight? Hardly.

Mr. Comey looks like either a bungler or someone who was desperately trying to play both sides of the game. Talk about being in the hot seat. And his performance left a lot to be desired.

So where does this go next, if anywhere?

“‘They (the FBI) were played by Mrs. Clinton’s lawyers and didn’t care,’ [Judicial Watch President] Fitton continued. ‘The Trump Justice Department needs to audit this mess and figure out if the Clinton matters need to be reopened or reinvigorated.'”

Given the aggressiveness of the folks at Judicial Watch, we’ve got a hunch that if Trump’s Justice Department doesn’t go after this, they will.

Source: Gateway Pundit

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