Radical Muslim Breaks Into Elderly Woman’s Home — Robs, Then Gives Surprise Of Worst Kind!

It is complete insanity for western non-Muslim countries to accept Muslim immigrants from war-torn, terrorist hot spots in the Middle East without vetting them. Just like oil and water, Arabic cultures don’t mix with western democracies.  One culture will dominate the other. Usually, it is the more aggressive, violent culture that succeeds by terrorizing and intimidating the other. We are seeing this right now in France, Germany, UK, and the rest of western Europe. History has shown this time after time!

For example, we are witnessing the forced implementation of Sharia law by rogue and lawless Muslim men, who follow the letter of their scriptures in the Quran.  Those scriptures command Muslim men to rape non-Muslim women as a form of worship towards their god, Allah.

Thus, the reason why a Muslim man felt justified to break into the home of a 72-year-old French woman. He then raped and robbed the elderly victim, telling her it was  “in the name of Islam.”

Gateway Pundit reports:

Normandy, France – A woman in her seventies has been raped by an intruder who broke into her home, Friday morning, in the Mare Rouge neighborhood of Atlantic coastal city, Le Havre, local media are reporting.

After stealing a small amount of cash, the perpetrator proceeded to rape his elderly victim, reportedly stating that he was acting in the name of Islam before fleeing the scene.

The terrorized victim is said to have raised the alarm having sought refuge with her sister-in-law after the attack. Police are actively searching for the suspect, according to the Paris Normandie newspaper. At least one media outlet is reporting the man to be of North African extraction and his victim to be 72 years of age.

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Most major news outlets are treating incidents like this as simply a local problem not worthy of a national report. They seem to be more concerned with a backlash against Muslims by peaceful westerners “seeking revenge,” rather than spreading the word that there are violent Islamists running loose:

The attack reveals a worrying trend in France – the increasing invocation of Islam during violent criminal acts, as seen in various under-reported crimes, such as the murder of a Jewish woman in Paris in April and in daily acts of violence which rarely make it beyond local media. Most French news sources are reporting Friday’s crime without reference to the attacker’s invocation of Islam.

Where the subject cannot be avoided, French media are quick to blame ‘psychiatric problems’ as the cause for such incidents, leading to suggestions of the need to establish a national ‘Psychiatric Hospital of Allah Akbar’ by satirists on the right.

And the problem is spreading across Europe rapidly:

The country has not escaped the type of attacks committed by migrants in Germany, Austria, and Sweden. In January, a 15-year-old girl was sexually assaulted by an Afghan asylum-seeker in the Southern French town of Montélimar.

Violent crimes against western non-Muslims will not stop until westerners understand that Muslims did not come to coexist, assimilate, or get along. The have come to deceive Westerners with a facade of false peace only until their numbers are sufficient to wage an all-out, full assault.

For now, the lone wolf attacks by rogue Muslims will continue as a form of pressure on ignorant non-Muslims to further intimidate them and marginalize them. But make no mistake, the day will come when the majority of Muslims will no longer feel the need for any restraint, whatsoever.

Source: Gateway Pundit

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