Elderly Man Receives Knock At The Door. When He Answers, He Is Given The Worst Muslim Surprise Of His Life!

A problem arises from a Muslim ideology, whose sacred writings not only permit, but in some instances command violence against those who are not adherents of their religion. This can be determined by simply reading the materials that are treated as authority by members of the Islamic faith.

That some do not follow all those commands or act on the them in a literal fashion is something for which to be thankful. The problem is that many do, and therein lies the threat to Western societies.

When an elderly man opened his door to a woman who purported to be a delivery person, he had no idea that he would be subjected to a violent robbery by the followers of Islam.

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“The Sun reports that 28-year-old Ioana Ruxandra Costache, who was posing as a delivery driver, distracted the elderly pensioner so that her husband, 43-year-old Mohammed Auckburally, and 2 others could launch their brutal attack on February 29, 2016. While Ioana was speaking with the unnamed victim, Mohammed forced his way into the house along with his brother, 26-year-old Abdool Auckburally, and their mutual friend, 35-year-old Rajdeo Aubeelock.

“Once inside, Mohammed assaulted the old man with a retractable utility knife and viciously struck him over the head. After their victim fell incapacitated, the Muslim men bound his hands, legs, and mouth with industrial tape, wrapped a towel around his head, and ransacked his home. Luckily, the victim survived with non-life threatening injuries, wriggling himself free and phoning the police.”

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So once again we have the alleged “religion of peace” striking innocent persons.

Fortunately, this group was arrested. However, “[o]ddly enough, Mohammed was only convicted of conspiracy to rob, earning him 8 years in prison on May 30. Abdool and Rajdeo were sentenced to 9 and 7 years in prison respectively, but Ioana has yet to be sentenced.

This is a problem without a good solution. If it is correct that in “Quran 8:69, Allah teaches that stealing from non-Muslims is justified and not considered theft at all,” how is Western society supposed to peacefully coexist with Islam?

More than that, what happens to justice if our courts were to adopt Sharia law?

It is not too late for America to take a stand for our Western legal traditions. In fact it is essential if we as a culture are to survive.

Source: Mad World News

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