During UN Speech, Trump Stopped, Looked At General Assembly And Said Five Words That Define American Exceptionalism

Venezuela is burning! Or as well, it should be. With the way the dictator there has been handling things so far this past year, there might as well be Saddam Hussein running the show there in South America. From assaulting citizens with night raids, to bullying those who stand up against him politically, Nicolas Madura has made Venezuelan life a living hell.

The leader of that nation has gone so far as to go after the star of a reality TV show as one of his main antagonists and it doesn’t stop there. In cities, towns and villages the country over, he has ordered the use of deadly force against his own people! Sound familiar?

At this point, it is the United Nations that is ultimately to blame for this debacle that has gotten way out of control. They have stood by as this maniac has turned that country into a personal battlefield. Our president addressed the UN body yesterday and simultaneously summed up the problems there in Venezuela by proving America’s capitalistic and freedom-loving exceptionalism: “The problem in Venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented, but that socialism has been faithfully implemented!

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Independent Journal Review:

There are many, many stark differences between how President Donald Trump and President Barack Obama addressed the United Nations. Everything from policy toward Israel and Iran, to the use of nicknames to ridicule dictators before saying they will be “totally destroyed.” (He called Kim Jong Un “Rocket Man” in the speech.)

However, of the many changes in cadence and posturing by the two presidents, there was one moment in the speech that separates the two leaders more than any: the full-throated ripping of the bark off the political ideologies of socialism and communism. As Trump savaged the socialist and communist dictatorships of Venezuela and Cuba, he said:

“The socialist dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro has inflicted terrible pain and suffering on the good people of that country. This corrupt regime destroyed a prosperous nation, by imposing a failed ideology that has produced poverty and misery everywhere it has been tried.”

Trump went on to call Venezuela a “collapsing” regime and said its people are “starving” under “disastrous rule.”

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Then, President Trump said something Americans have not heard since Ronald Reagan. Trump savaged communism and socialism as failed ideologies, lambasting and lampooning the nations that practice it. Trump said:

“The problem in Venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented, but that socialism has been faithfully implemented. From the Soviet Union to Cuba to Venezuela, wherever true socialism or communism has been adopted, it has delivered anguish and devastation and failure.”

Upon saying this line, the United Nations floor burst into applause. A quick shot of the reactions shows many delegations laughing and applauding.

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This is why so many people got to the polls this last election! It was not that they were rising up against gays, or women, or minorities, or even radical Islam. They were getting to the polls to elect a man who actually, literally believed in the exceptionalism of America!

That message and patriotism was lost on our last president and, sadly, he was elected to two terms due to a lack of interest by Republicans who were disappointed not only in Barack Hussein Obama, but in their own leadership as well.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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