President Trump Drops Shocking Threat, Border-Crossers Entering America Illegally Will Have To…

The Obama administration’s immigration control effort was largely in name only. This lax enforcement dovetailed nicely with his desire for open borders and mass immigration. Perhaps he was looking to the future when these illegals would manage to become voters, or he just dislikes the idea of sovereign nation-states. Whatever the reason, he created a terrible mess that is now being cleaned up.

His policy was typified by either a failure to arrest illegals and deport them, or by simply deporting them without their being prosecuted for their violation of our immigration statutes as provided by law. This policy has now been discarded.

President Trump and Attorney General Sessions have directed that illegal aliens be prosecuted immediately on apprehension. The first offense will be a misdemeanor. Should they return after being deported, that next offense will be a felony. Perhaps this will get some results.

Image result for trump sessions“Under Operation Streamline, a fast-track prosecution program for illegal alien border-crossers will seek criminal prosecution for first-time border-crossers.

“During the Obama years, only repeat border-crossers were prosecuted as criminals under Operation Streamline.

“Now, the Departments of Homeland Security and Justice seek to deter first-time illegal crossers.”

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After all, entering the US illegally is a crime, so it makes sense that offenders will be prosecuted for their offenses.

“For the first-time border-crossers, they are being convicted with misdemeanors. If they illegally re-enter, they will be hit with felony charges.

“Trump and Sessions’ return to using Operation Streamline to deter all illegal aliens from entering the U.S. is a break from the policies of Obama and former Attorney General Eric Holder.

“As Breitbart News reported at the time, Holder halted prosecutions of illegal aliens pursuant to Operation Streamline at the Yuma, Arizona sector of the U.S.-Mexico border.”

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For all his claims to being a law professor, Mr. Obama certainly had a disdain for much the law. At least for those parts that got in the way of his agenda. Selective enforcement, or perhaps it should be called selective non-enforcement, became the rule under which his Department of Justice operated.

So contemptuous of the law was Mr. Obama that his resulting policies and actions really began to take on the characteristics of a Clinton operation.

Fortunately, neither Mr. Obama nor Mrs. Clinton, nor Mr. Holder for that matter, are calling the shots anymore. We are now in the hands of those who understand the law, their duty to uphold and enforce it, and are willing to do so. And given the size of the problem, it’s none too soon.

Source: Breitbart

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