You’ll Never Believe Which Domestic Terrorist The Feds Just Arrested

The war on American history continues unabated. It includes such things as biased teaching in the schools designed to indoctrinate children in liberal political and social ideology. The children are then encouraged to use that perspective to interpret historical events and figures. Much of the media continues the assault on adults with its coverage that is consistently biased against traditional American and constitutional principles.

Lately this has played out in the coverage of protests over Confederate statues and memorials as liberals wish to portray a history of the War Between the States as a war about racism, with those who fought on the side of the Confederacy uniformly portrayed as racists who must be demonized, and who certainly cannot be memorialized by statues. Thus, Confederate statues must come down along with a truthful account of the actors on both sides of that war.

A repeat offender has gotten on the anti-Confederate bandwagon and taken these protests in a particularly violent direction. Andrew Schneck has been taken into FBI custody after he attempted to blow up a Confederate statue. Apparently he was serious about his mission as his home was found to contain additional explosives.

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“According to The Gateway Pundit, ‘a suspect is now in custody after attempting to bomb a Confederate statue in Houston’s Hermann Park.’ Perhaps even more frightening is the fact that the punk was previously arrested back in 2014 for storing explosives and actually had the materials to pull off his sick plans.

“The man was arrested about 11 p.m. Saturday in the park, a source said, following a day of protests that drew hundreds of people to Sam Houston Park protesting a Spirit of the Confederacy statue. The Saturday event also drew counter-protesters. [Source:]”

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One wonders if these people even have the remotest understanding of what the “Spirit of the Confederacy” was all about. It seems unlikely. They have probably been taught that the war was about the virtuous North fighting the evil South to eliminate the scourge of black slavery from the nation. That might make a good rallying cry for the misinformed, but it is not the truth – and certainly not a complete or objective view of the conflict.

Yet it is what causes the misinformed and those ignorant of history to equate erecting a statue of Robert E. Lee with putting a statue of Hitler in a Jewish neighborhood when there is no equivalence between the two acts at all.

We can wonder how the media will portray Mr. Schneck who, had he been successful, might not only have destroyed property but people’s lives as well with his bomb.

One view is that “the liberal media want to label these people ‘activists.’ Sadly, the left will probably tout this guy as a hero who’s dedicated to a cause and willing to go to any lengths necessary. Unfortunately for Schneck, he went too far, and luckily for us, he’s now under arrest.”

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With polls showing Americans overwhelming opposing the destruction of Confederate memorials and statues, there is hope that nut cases such as Schneck and his ideological soulmates will remain distinctly in the minority.

Yet this is no time to rest. The true story of that terrible war needs to be told, with the heroes and villains on both sides identified and the real causes for which it was fought made plain. With the need the left has to demonize all things Southern, that will not be an easy battle. But ones worth winning seldom are.

Source: Mad World News

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