Guess Who Just Got A DOJ Investigation Dropped On Them By Congress? It Is Over For Them?

Is it being too obvious or unpatriotic to admit that we have a government which has far too many criminals in major and minor positions? This is not to paint all of our national leaders and their staff with a broad brush, inferring that they are nothing but a pack of crooks as some are wont to do. That would be grossly unfair to those who work diligently for the benefit of our nation and its citizens, some at considerable danger to themselves. And some investigations are frivolously, partisan, witch-hunts designed to cast doubt and divert attention from truly serious matters.

Nevertheless, given the amount of power that officeholders often possess, it would be naive to think that all are immune from the temptation to engage in nefarious acts. Corruption is plentiful, and probably to a much greater degree than are the successes in combating it. The Obama administration had Hillary as secretary of state which is almost a guarantee that programs were twisted from their intended purposes to ones that benefited her or her foundation.

Yet there are others who are worthy of a thorough investigation. Ironically, two would be former FBI Director Comey and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch. From Breitbart we learn that an investigation into alleged corrupt acts by Comey and Lynch is on the agenda of some House conservatives as they prepare to take the steps necessary to get that investigation underway.

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“House conservatives will launch an effort to conduct an official House Judiciary Committee-led congressional investigation into former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and fired former FBI director James Comey, a notorious leaker, Breitbart News can confirm exclusively.

It might seem odd that two of the nation’s highest ranking law enforcement officials would be under investigation for corruption. However, one might also want to consider the possibility that if engaging in corrupt activities were a goal of an administration, having compliant individuals in these two positions who could thwart investigations might come in very handy.

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“Reps. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), Andy Biggs (R-AZ), Mike Johnson (R-LA) and Jim Jordan (R-OH) have drafted an amendment that would compel government cooperation with a congressional probe into Lynch’s and Comey’s activities.

“Specifically, the amendment—a draft of which was obtained by Breitbart News—would compel the production of documents and evidence regarding Lynch’s order to Comey to ‘mislead the American people by starting he should refer to the investigation into the mishandling of classified data and use of an unauthorized email server by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as a “matter,” rather than a criminal investigation.”‘

“The amendment specifically presses the Department of Justice to cooperate with the congressional investigation this would create, making it easier for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to probe these and the other matters laid out.”

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One aspect of this story that is especially intriguing is the likelihood of bipartisan support for this investigation.

Keep in mind that this could be a prelude to going after the bigger fish in the pond, Mrs. Clinton and former President Obama. Any competent, unbiased, and thorough investigation into Comey and Lynch is bound to touch on Hillary and Barack, and no doubt many times. Everyone involved must know that.


Source: Political Insider

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