Look What Disgusting Thing Hillary Was Caught Doing — All To Get Back At President Trump

To make the understatement of the year, Hillary has not recovered from her loss to Donald Trump. She certainly wasn’t happy when an upstart senator from Illinois pushed her aside in the Democratic primaries in 2008. But to lose to Donald Trump created a level of humiliation more than the woman can bear.

Her sore-loser book tour is a good illustration of that. The fact that the candidate who lost the election would engage in such a weird stunt to begin with speaks volumes as to her anger. That the book is an effort to exonerate her from any responsibility for her loss betrays a level of arrogance that is mind-boggling. Who in the world writes a book that essentially states that she was entitled to be president, but that the election was stolen from her by disloyal females who voted for Trump, deplorable individuals, the director of the FBI, the Russians, and a multitude of others?

She even goes so far as to take the mainstream media to task for not handling the email scandal properly. Talk about ingratitude. The leftist press was practically a branch of her campaign team. Such is the hubris and egotism which infects every fiber of Hillary’s being. It is very disconcerting and disquieting to know that someone like Hillary, who sees no flaws in herself, could get that close to being president.

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If this preposterous book and her tour touting it were not enough to demonstrate her rage over her loss, she has now decided to tell President Trump how to do his job. As if Puerto Rico doesn’t have enough problems, Hillary has figured out the right strategy and has taken to Twitter to announce how the matter should be handled. This, as though she’s ever showed any compassion before. Hence, we have here the typical Hillary tactic of taking others’ losses and trying to use their misfortune to her advantage. This is beyond disgusting.

“The disaster in Puerto Rico is horrible for the people. In fact, it’s so bad officials there have described conditions as ‘apocalyptic,’ according to CNN.

“With the situation so dire, former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton decided to politicize it. What did she do?

“Clinton fired off the following tweet to President Donald Trump:”

This remark of Hillary’s is too disgusting to treat as a joke that can be ignored. She needs to be called out for her taking advantage of this horrible tragedy as a vehicle to salve her wounded ego, as if she gives a damn about those suffering people.

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We do not care how Hillary would handle it. We only care about the people in Puerto Rico, and the wonderful blessing Americans experienced when Hillary lost the election to Donald Trump.

At this point it would be best to defer to a former Army Ranger for a better rebuke to Hillary:

“Benghazi survivor and former Army Ranger Kris Paronto saw Clinton’s tweet, and he fired back on her asking to ‘send help.’

“Paronto tweeted:”

And with that Hypocrite Hillary is down and out for the count, although she no doubt does not realize it. That was a such a brilliant tweet by Mr. Paronto, that it deserves to go viral. In fact, it is delightful and fun to imagine a situation where every time Hillary checks her Twitter feed she would see that tweet engulfing her screen.

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On a more practical level, Hillary ought to be careful about using Twitter to poke President Trump with a sharp stick. He has become something of a master of using that form of media. And while it might not be his most refined attribute, he has an ability to use Twitter to get under people’s skin that borders on genius.

So, a prediction is in order here: If Hillary persists in using Twitter tell President Trump how to do his job or to launch attacks on him and his presidency, she will lose. Not only that, she will either look a fool, or be held up to ridicule.

If she really is as brilliant as she wants people to believe, she has an opportunity to demonstrate that right now: Just shut up. It’s that simple.

Time as a way of easing the sting of may unpleasant experiences. But it cannot do its work if the wound keeps being reopened. In fact, that might make matters ever worse than just walking away.

It might be that Hillary cannot walk away and enjoy her life. She seems to be driven, almost possessed, with an imperative to let the nation know that they are a bunch of losers for not electing her as president.

There is no grace, no kindness, no empathy, no dignity connected with Hillary. It would indeed be very difficult to be her. Thankfully, we are not.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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