OUTBREAK: Disease From Muslim Refugees Spreads Like Wildfire Throughout Sanctuary City!

There is much danger in open borders, but not all of it is easily seen. Some invaders only become obvious days or weeks after they enter the nation.

As Donald Trump battles with the Democrats and leaders within his own party over the construction of something as simple as a border wall, accusations of racism and xenophobia come from the left. However, one danger entering our country couldn’t care less about what anyone says.

That would be the diseases that enter the nation along with migrants. That might be thought an incredibly insensitive thing to say, but cultural sensitivity is not going to help those in Minneapolis who are currently coming down with measles.

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The bad news is that “[t]he recent measles outbreak in Minnesota, which was confined to 20 members of the Somali community in Hennepin County, part of the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area, has now spread across the state.”

Vaccination is a hot topic, but in this case, we’ve no choice but to look at the facts. “The Minnesota Department of Health added that: ‘The same number of cases [25] revealed the people affected were unvaccinated. However, in one case, the child had one MMR vaccination.'”

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So the facts are that immigrants, obviously lacking any form of immunity to measles, have brought the disease to Minnesota where it is free to spread among those who are susceptible to contracting it.

The question is whether this has broken out of the Somali immigrant community yet. To find out, “Breitbart News asked the Minnesota Department of Health if they could confirm if the four cases of the 29 that were not among the 25 ‘confirmed in the Somali community’ were in the general population not part of the Somali commuity.”

It turns out that no one is sure at this time. “‘No – they simply haven’t been verified yet,’ a spokesperson for the Minnesota Department of Health tells Breitbart News. ‘Most likely Somali. There’s always a bit of a lag pending investigation,’ the spokesperson adds.”

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At this point, the vaccination debate enters the picture as “Minnesota Department of Health Commissioner Dr. Ed Ehlinger blamed the measles outbreak on ‘misinformation’ that was provided to the Minnesota Somali community, not on the health practices common in that community.”

Ehlinger continues, while maintaining his political-correctness: “This outbreak is about unvaccinated children, not specific communities. Unfortunately, the Minnesota Somali community has been targeted with misinformation about vaccine risks.”

This group of Somalis is no small community. “Minneapolis-St. Paul is home to the largest Somali community in the United States, estimated to be around 70,000. ‘Since FY 2002, 100,246 Somali refugees have resettled in the United States, according to the State Department’s interactive website. Of these, 99.9 percent, or 99,909, are Muslim,’ Breitbart News reported in December.”

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Tragically, the open border policies of the Obama administration which are continually promoted by the left might have the unintended result of providing evidence for the debate over whether to vaccinate or not. It’s a terrible way to conduct an experiment.

Source: Brietbart

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