During Press Conference, Detained Iraqi Drops Truth Bomb On Democrats…Even Trump Is Speechless! [WATCH]

There are certain unwritten rules of politics that you break at your own peril. Liberals are expected to be pro-choice. African-Americans, gay-rights advocates, and union members are expected to be Democrats. And all of these folks just mentioned plus other groups, are expected to despise Donald Trump. In order to perpetuate that view and prevent defections from the cause, the media is careful to avoid publicizing those who don’t fit this mold.

Maintaining this illusion is going to be a tough job for the mainstream media. For example, note the recent meeting between President Trump and leaders of organized labor. They left the meeting thrilled, characterizing it as one of the most positive and productive meetings they’ve held with a president. This is definitely not what the left wants to hear.

Other groups that are supposed to despise Mr. Trump are Hispanics and Arabs. Never mind what an insult to these people that such expectations are – treating them as though they are not individuals who can think for themselves and draw their own conclusions. CNN, one of the greatest purveyors of liberal dogma, just goofed and let slip an interview with someone who certainly does not fit the mold.

The story begins with protests against President Trump’s ban on refugees entering from Middle Eastern countries: “Scores of irate liberals organized in part by CAIR (considered a terrorist organization in the UAE), descended upon airports around the country on Saturday to protest Donald Trump’s 120 day ban on refugees from 6 ‘nations of concern’ and a permanent ban on Syrians until further notice. Of note, the countries on the list were originally identified under Obama by the Department of Homeland Security in the ‘Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015.'”

Of course, our liberal friends will conveniently overlook Mr. Obama’s original identification of these nations as sources of potential terrorists.

So, “[A]s a result of the Executive Order, several travelers from the newly restricted nations found themselves in limbo at airports across the United States, as many were kept off flights or stranded.”

This offered a perfect opportunity for CNN and some Democrats to get some publicity as they bashed the Trump administration. Problem was, they interviewed someone who turned out not to fit their expectation and agenda at all.

Note what happens when Mr. Darweesh, who had been detained for an hour, “was wheeled in front of network cameras where he was asked what he thought of Donald Trump.”

Mr. Darweesh just ruined CNN’s day, and the Democratic Congresswoman standing next to him. You may want to replay to watch her shocked face. It’s hilarious. And good for him. Cowards and propagandists for the left that they are, ABC edited out Mr. Darweesh’s complimentary remarks regarding President Trump. No surprise there.

Again, it is an outrage and an insult to the intelligence of people to treat them like they cannot think for themselves – that there is something wrong with them if they do not support the liberal policies that those on the left expect of person in their social, ethnic, or religious group.

It makes you wonder just how many more there are like Mr. Darweesh we never hear from due to the bias of the mainstream media.

Source: ZeroHedge

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