WOW! You Won’t Believe Who Was Just Denied Bail! WHY? She May Have More Charges Pending!

No one ever claimed that the Deep State swamp was shallow, or that draining it would be easy.

The Deep State has been used to pushing around presidents, legislators, and others in position of importance for so long, that no one should have expected it to just roll over with the arrival of President Trump. In fact, it’s highly likely that even the president was not entirely aware of the enemies who would be arrayed against him.

The plot has thickened, however, as at least one of the parties involved in the leaking of NSA data to the leftist website, The Intercept, has been denied bail. Now that one Deep State source of leaks to the liberal press, Reality Winner, is in jail, it turns out that she’s going to spend some more time there since bail has been denied. Why? More charges may be pending.

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“The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported from the hearing before U.S. Magistrate Judge Brian Epps in Augusta Georgia that Ms. Winner has been denied bail and will remain in custody as she awaits trial.

“Federal prosecutors are reportedly considering additional charges based on information now coming to light in the investigation. Monday’s original complaint charged Winner with ‘gathering, transmitting or losing defense information.’ Now the Journal-Constitution reports authorities have uncovered more incriminating evidence not noted in the affidavit supporting the first charge.

“A reference in a jailhouse phone call to her parents made reference to plural ‘documents’ suggesting to authorities Winner may be involved in other leaks of classified information.”

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It’s important to keep in mind that Ms. Winner is just one person. It would not be reasonable to assume that she is the only mole who has been leaking confidential materials in an effort to bring down the president, or at least to obstruct his agenda.

Nor should we assume these people are operating in isolation from one another.

“A search of one the notebooks the FBI seized from Winner’s home is alleged to have turned up disturbing threats against the President of United States, continuing a long pattern of anti-Trump hysteria evident on her as-of-yet undeleted social media presence. Federal prosecutors told the Journal-Constitution that Winner had scrawled her wish to ‘burn the White House down’ in the notebook. Statements like this have become common place on the #resistance left to which Ms. Winner pledged her allegiance on several occasions.”

At some point, so-called “conspiracy theories,” a term often used to denigrate suspicion of wrong-doing, might just turn out to be true criminal conspiracies. The sort that land people like Ms. Winner in prison for a long time.

And the investigation into which just might catch a very large fish or two. We can hope.

Source: Breitbart

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