New Evidence On Democrats’ Ties To Russia Should Shut The Liberals The Hell Up!

Here we go, fellow Patriots. Another round of hypocrisy and double standards, providing to you by the radical Left.

The Liberals have done everything in their power to stop Trump at every turn. From the second he was elected president, they have gone out of their way to shut down the Electoral College, to shut down the Inauguration festivities, and now they are trying to shut down the new administration.

They have taken the same theme back in November, that Russia was involved in helping Trump win the election, and have ran with it. They have accused General Mike Flynn of cohorting with Russia and forcing his resignation, and they have now forced Attorney General Jeff Sessions into recusing himself from the investigation, claiming he had contact with Russia. But guess what? 30 Democrats have had ties to Russia, as far back as 2015!

From Yes I’m Right:

The Democrats have once again found something to be up in arms about when it comes to one of Trump’s potential cabinet members and the Russians. This time, it’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions who has caused the “uproar” by having a meeting with the ambassador of Russia. You’ve gotta hand it to them, this new administration has caused the left to take their jobs very seriously.

We don’t know exactly what the meeting was about but do DO know that it had nothing to do with Trump’s campaign. However, since they did meet, the democrats are on a witch hunt and insisting that he resign post haste.

So does that mean these 30 or so Democrats should resign as well?

Now, of course, the Democrats involved deny any and all wrongdoing, saying that they were not asked about this incident while under oath. It bears pointing out though that neither was Sessions. He was being questioned about the Trump campaign at the time of the supposed falsification, not his duties as a senator.

The incredible amount of double standards that are considered acceptable to the politicians on the left is astounding.

Why don’t we call these shenanigans as they are and tell the Democrats to SHUT UP! Assuming that Russia is responsible for the winning election of Donald Trump was absurd as much in November as it is now. These distractions are meant to stop Trump from making America great again, but don’t worry, Trump will win again, and again, and again.

Source: Yes I’m Right

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