Democrats Revolt Against Pelosi, Request Replacing Crazy Nancy With…

In the wake of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s apparent senility, the calls are going out for her to retire from her leadership role and let another, more articulate candidate assume the mantle of number one leftist in the House.

And you’re going to flip out, celebrate, or possibly die laughing at the good news of who they may want to replace her with! Even liberal actor James Woods is all for it! His response to the news: “Yes Please!”

None other than the rabid leftist Democrat, Islamic Sharia law supporter and staunch advocate for President Trump’s impeachment, Rep. Maxine Waters.

Via Sarah Palin:

Following reports that more than half of House Democrats are calling for new leadership to replace Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, some have apparently floated the idea of promoting Rep. Maxine Waters.

Waters is the poster girl for the “impeach 45” movement and has represented Californians for numerous decades.

Conservative actor James Woods made it clear he’s a big fan of the idea.

He Tweeted:

BizPac Review goes after Woods’ tweet, because it could very possibly be the best news that Republicans have heard in a while:

Does anyone really need to ask why? The myopic Left may think most folks love Maxine’s crazy antics and incessant “Impeach 45!” blusters, but the silent majority – including this black Trump supporter who trashed Waters on Saturday as a “black racist” who exploits the black community to gain votes – are just shaking their heads and wondering how this woman manages to continue to get elected to public office.

To have her represent the Democratic party in the House, well, that would be almost too good to be true … for Republicans.

And of course, a fantastic Twitter response erupted after Woods placed his endorsement for Waters:

As always, Woods got a major response on Twitter:

Conservatives would have to agree that Waters as the House Minority Leader would be great, as she would continue to ruin the fundraising and growth of the Democratic party!

Source: Sarah Palin

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