Do You Support This Democrat’s Expulsion From Senate?

Missouri Democratic lawmaker Maria Chappelle-Nadal had the audacity to write on her Facebook account that she hopes President Trump is assassinated!

So the aftermath of her actions has been significant. Many Missouri lawmakers, including the executive office, have called for her resignation and have chastised her rude and ignorant behavior. However, she is refusing to resign, and pulling the race card and saying it’s President Trump’s fault for her wanting him out of office in the most horrific way possible.

Now, Missouri Lt. Governor Mike Parson has said, “ENOUGH!” As President of the Missouri State Senate, he has publicly informed Mrs. Chappelle-Nadal that she has two choices: resign, or be expelled from the Senate come September 13th.

What do you think? Do you support the state of Missouri requiring her expulsion for publicly supporting the assassination of President Trump?

Make your voice heard!

Do You Support This Democrat's Expulsion From Senate?

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