Democrats Are Pissed To See What GOP Congress Is Planning To Take Away From Them

After Allen West was elected to Congress in 2010, he noticed that Congress members had taken so many days off and scheduled so many retreats that there was little time left to do the people’s business. Only 123 days, one-third of the year, were devoted to actually working.

So West wrote a letter to then-majority leader Eric Cantor expressing his concerns that not enough time was spent addressing the issues that most affected their constituents. In the letter, West stressed: “We are there for one reason and one reason only, to work for the constituents of the districts we are so privileged to represent. I hope that if it becomes clear that we are not meeting the promise we made to the American people, leadership will modify the schedule in order for us to accomplish the important task we have before us.”

Now, in 2017, some Republicans are starting to realize that the majority they have in both houses of Congress may not last forever and now would be the time to get as much accomplished as they can. It looks like they may be canceling the August Recess. The Democrats, of course, will be livid since they will be forced to work through the month.

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Per The Hill:

Alarmed by the stalemate on health care reform, lack of progress on tax reform and appropriations bills that are far behind schedule, Republican lawmakers across Congress are increasingly willing to consider canceling the month-long August recess. 

Senate Republican negotiators reported that they are not close to a deal on health care reform and that scheduling a vote by July 4, which Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has pushed, is likely unrealistic.

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That impasse has held up work on a budget resolution, which is necessary to move tax reform and the annual appropriations bills.

Once Republicans vote on a budget resolution for 2018, it will wipe out the special vehicle they plan to use to pass healthcare reform with a simple majority vote — a vehicle that was set up by the budget resolution for 2017.

Lawmakers calculate there are only 45 legislative days until the end of the fiscal year, on Sept. 30.

Republicans scored a big win by confirming conservative Justice Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. They’ve also rolled back 14 regulations from the Obama administration through the Congressional Review Act, but they haven’t made much progress on big-ticket bills.

But what else do we have to show for the first six months of President Trump’s term? Mostly a lot of rancor, murmurs of impeachment and endless hours of testimony over “Russian involvement.”

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We agree that it’s imperative the Republicans spent more time getting President Trump’s agenda moving forward before the Democrats find another way to block it.

Conservative voters have handed the Republicans a Congressional majority in election after election only to have the GOP old guard act like timid little mice before the declawed Democrats!

It’s about time for Trump’s fellow Republicans to put aside their differences, stand up, show some support, and get things done!

Source: Allen B West

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