Democrat Legislator Caught Intimidating Police Officer, Realizes Her 1 Big Mistake Too Late

A few weeks ago, we reported on a Democrat administrator in New York who was pulled over by a police officer for speeding. Jennifer Schwartz Berky began the stop with an apology and searched for her information for the officer, but could not locate it. She acted harried and in a hurry and the officer was respectful. As he went back to his squad car to cut her a break and issue a warning for the seat belt, because it was up to his discretion, she exited the vehicle and began to fake a panic attack.

The officer approached her and began to explain the fact that he wasn’t going to give her a moving violation, but she was not about to hear it. She threw out the fact that she worked for the township and then began to intimate that she didn’t feel safe with the officer near to her vehicle. He was still remarkably respectful and again attempted to explain that he wasn’t issuing a ticket. Still, she persisted in pretending not to understand. She then accused him of colluding with the sheriff’s department (with whom she apparently had problems) and wouldn’t accept the papers he was trying to give her.

The officer, finally in frustration, agreed to go back to his car and issue the original ticket for why he actually pulled her over in the first place: a speeding violation. He didn’t even make mention of the fact that she was on her cellphone when she was nabbed. When she realized her mistake, that he was now actually writing her a ticket, she went into hysterics and demanded the original ticket he wrote. The whole episode was caught on the dashboard camera and was eventually released to the public, which went viral. Needless to say, Berky was given some bad news after the most recent election!

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Mad World News:

Up until recently, no one knew what had happened in that parking lot, but an FOIA request made the footage public, and boy, did the video blow up. Of course, the entitled Democrat apologized for the way she acted, but it was only after the video was released, and by then, it was too little too late.

As it turns out, it seems that Berky should have thought about her behavior long before the footage was released as she just got some seriously bad news. In fact, it’s safe to say that the entitled brat wasn’t laughing after what just showed up to her office a few days later.

According to The Gateway Pundit, Berky was most recently handed a metaphorical pink slip as constituents voted her out during this election. “First-term Democrat Jennifer Schwartz Berky lost to Republican Brian Woltman, 1,030-811, on Tuesday for the Ulster County Legislature seat in District 7,” reports New York Upstate. In short, she’s out of a job.

It just goes to show that actions have consequences, and sooner or later, the bad things you do usually do come back to bite you big time. Corruption is a huge problem in our political system, but what most recently happened proves that the American people have no patience for it anymore.

Using your position and power to get out of punishment for a crime that you committed is really as disgusting and slimy as it gets. If you are a lawmaker, you should expect to obey the laws, not get a free pass. Too bad for Berky, she just learned the hard way that even she can and will be held accountable just like everyone else. I hope she likes life in the unemployment line.

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The woman is clearly unbalanced and when you view this video you can just hear the entitlement oozing from her pores as she lambastes the police officer for merely doing his job AND amazingly maintaining his composure.

One wonders how this officer reacted following the election when she was defeated by her Republican opponent. In the state of New York, for a Democrat to lose in a predominantly Leftist township, the people must really have been turned off by her bizarre and entitled behavior.

Source: Mad World News

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