DELUSIONAL? Democrat Leader Goes Off The Deep End! Says Americans “Are Financially Better Off With…”

President-elect Trump has promised to repeal Obamacare as soon as he gets access to the Oval Office on January 20. The Democrats have vowed to stop him from doing it, even though the program has been a disaster from the start, resulting in higher premiums and fewer options.

Basically, everything that President Obama promised wouldn’t happen, has happened.

Of course, Obama has his cheer-leading squad ready to don the sparkly outfits and pom-poms to raise a cheer to the fiasco that is the Affordable Care Act.

And the captain of the squad is none other than House Minority leader, Nancy Pelosi, who coined the asinine phrase “we have to pass it so we can find out what is in it” while Obamacare was still being debated by Congress before it’s passage in 2010.

Louder With Crowder exposed:

Top House Democrats gave more clues Monday about how they’ll fight GOP efforts to repeal ObamaCare, sharing enrollment figures and stories about Americans saved by the health care law, ahead of President Obama’s visit Wednesday.

“Whatever the circumstance, health wise you are financially better off” with ObamaCare, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Monday on a conference call with reporters.

But as Crowder said:

The numbers on Obamacare are anything but “better off” for both health and finances. Which means like always, Pelosi has substituted her brain with her buttocks. We can say the same for her mouth. But don’t take my comedic word for it. Here be some reports on the matter: ObamaCare Rates to Increase Way More than Predicted and Record Number of Insurers Drop Out of Obamacare. Seven States Hit Hard.

President-elect Trump has already promised to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and Democrats like Pelosi can do little more than moan about it and squirm as their pet program goes down the toilet, which is exactly where it should be.

But we knew this was going to happen eventually, didn’t we? We just had to wait until someone with some common sense sat in the chair in the Oval Office.

Our wait is nearly over!

Source: Louder with Crowder

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