Democrat HUMILIATED — Judge Neil Gorsuch Just SCORCHED Him…And It’s EPIC! [WATCH]

Judge Neil Gorsuch presents some real problems for the Democrats. In the first place, he much more closely fits the mold of the justice he would be replacing than he does that of Justice Ginsburg, for example. Second, he has received the top ranking from the American Bar Association regarding his qualifications to serve on the Supreme Court. Third, his confirmation would be a victory for President Trump. Fourth, it would remind Democrats of how devastating Hillary’s loss really was.

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The biggest problem they have, however, is that the man is eminently qualified for the job. Next to that is the fact that he calmly, competently, and completely destroys their attempts to attack him. And this video below proves it.

Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois attempted to accuse Judge Gorsuch of sexism based on a letter the senator read from one of the judge’s former law students.  It didn’t work.

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The Conservative Tribune summarized the exchange as follows. This gives you a look at the caliber of your next U.S. Supreme Court Justice:

Durbin cited a letter signed by one of Gorsuch’s former students who claimed that Gorsuch had a “gender-targeted” discussion about family planning for potential female lawyers.

“Did you ask your students in class that day to raise their hands if they knew of a woman who had taken maternity benefits from a company, and then left the company after having a baby?” Durbin asked.

Gorsuch then calmly explained just how wrong Durbin, and the student, were. Gorsuch wasn’t targeting women during the discussion; he was using a textbook that highlighted some of the difficulties that future lawyers would face.

Gorsuch explained that he asked the class to engage in a “Socratic dialogue” about what they would do if an older female employee of a law firm asked a young potential female lawyer if she intended to become pregnant — that is what offended some of his students.

“And, senator, I do ask for a show of hands, not about the question you asked, but about the following question. And I ask it of everybody. How many of you have had questions like this asked of you in the employment environment, an inappropriate question about your family planning?” Gorsuch stated.

You can watch the exchange here:

Of course, Judge Gorsuch knew what was coming from the senate hearings, and was more than prepared for what awaited him. So we can expect the remain days of hearings to continue with the judge dispatching one accusation from the Democrats after another with ease, much as what we just witnessed.

Gorsuch – 1. Durbin – 0.

Source: Right Wing News

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