Top Democrat Pushes To Impeach Trump, Then Liberals Discover She’s Absolutely Cuckoo!

The use of examples is a very helpful technique when trying to explain something. When it comes to illustrating what to avoid when choosing a member of Congress, Maxine Waters serves as almost a perfect example.

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Not only does Ms. Waters display an extreme leftist ideology, but she’s often so incoherent that her collection of thoughts perhaps don’t even qualify for an ideology. Take the impeachment issue as an example.

Ms. Waters has made it very plain her desire that President Trump be impeached. She then went on TV to state that she has never called for his impeachment. The lie is so obvious that we are forced to wonder if she’s losing it – or ever had it in the first place. Things are getting just that bad.

Poor Maxine’s worst enemy is her own mouth. She blurts out such inconsistencies that it’s difficult to determine what she thinks other than that she hates conservatives. Her recent behavior causes one to wonder if she even is thinking, or just reacting to circumstances reflexively.

She recently appeared on MSNBC and announced that “Americans are struggling with their taxes, essentially endorsing the long-standing Republican policy of lower taxes and tax cuts for all.” Thanks for the help, Maxine – we think.

Back to the impeachment issue. In the interview, “Waters was asked what offenses Trump was complicit in that were impeachable.”  A very reasonable question given her statements and tweets claiming that Trump should be impeached.

Unfortunately, her answer was not reasonable at all. In fact, she didn’t answer the question about impeachable offenses, but simply denied ever calling for the president’s impeachment. Oops. Wrong move.

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“When she couldn’t think of any [impeachable offenses], the deranged Congresswoman said that they needed an investigation to see if there were any. The host then asked why she would say Trump needs to be impeached only to be left shocked to hear her say that she never said that.”

She may become such an embarrassment to the left, that the Democrats will have to find a way to marginalize her until they can get her out of office and replace her with a liberal who can at least string together words that make sense. But that also means they’d have to do the same with Pelosi!

“With liberals now frantic and even attacking the woman they were just lauding as a hero a few days ago, it shows where the loyalty of the left lies – with their agenda.”

If you have the stomach for it, you can watch her televised meltdown on this video.

Source: Mad World News

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