DELICIOUS: House GOP Humiliates Michelle Obama One Final Time…Her Vacation Is DESTROYED!

It’s not just the failed policies and programs of the Obama Administration that are being curtailed, cancelled, or reversed by President Trump, but Michelle Obama’s as well. I’m trying to understand how Michelle Obama was allowed to create any policies in the first place as First Lady.

I thought policies we’re supposed to be created by both houses of Congress, and then either signed or vetoed by the president. But it’s not as if either Barack or Michelle Obama read the Constitution to understand this.

In Michelle’s case, we are speaking specifically of her school lunch program that became a such a dismal failure. This program suffers from a common problem with liberal initiatives in that it assumes that Washington is capable of making successful policy for all parts of the nation on virtually any subject. It’s almost the ultimate in hubris – Washington knows what’s best for all people everywhere. That’s an absurd idea, and the fact that it underpins many liberal initiatives explains why they so often go wrong. So look what’s happening.

Conservative Tribune writes:

According to Fox News, Republicans in Congress are looking into legislation that would roll back portions of former first lady Michelle Obama’s controversial school lunch program, likely meaning the end of the inedible stuff.

Mmm…doesn’t that look tasty?

Creating a school lunch program seems like a very simple, almost boring process. So boring and repetitious, in fact, that some of us approaching our “golden years” can still remember back 50 years ago to having a hot dog and baked beans every Monday for lunch. Friday was always some form of fish, in obvious deference to the kids who were Roman Catholics. Grilled cheese sandwiches must always be served with tomato soup. And we grew up just fine. So what happened?

The result has been a failed program and a lot of food going to waste. See, Mrs. Obama failed to think things through. It apparently never occurred to her that the kids might not eat the food Washington dictated. That seems odd since she is a parent, and most parents are familiar with this phenomenon.

Specifically, the program failed for two important reasons: “First, it assumed that local school districts weren’t, for whatever reason, trying to make healthy food for their students. Second, it assumed that a one-size-fits-all series of laws and regulations could fix the problem.”

So like many government programs, it assumed the existence of a problem, and proposed to fix the problem by creating a universal plan that would be imposed on all. Since the problem was non-existent, at least on a nation-wide basis, imposing one “solution” on everyone was absurd – and a terrific waste of money.

Of all the things Washington could do that might be a help, creating menus for school lunches is not one of them. Instead, perhaps attention could be turned to matters like securing our borders, or getting the national budget under control. Which is exactly what President Trump is doing.

Is there a school district that needs help with its lunch menu? No problem. There are plenty of us who remember almost exactly what we had who will help for free. Or one could go through an old newspaper and see exactly what was served by finding the weekly school lunch menus.

Sorry, Mrs. Obama. Your help is not needed.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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