‘Sanctuary’ County DEFIES Texas…But Governor Just Dropped This Trump Card — WHOA!

The whole idea of “sanctuary cities” is absurd and an affront to the laws of our country. The idea that mayors or sheriffs can simply disregard laws they do not like has no validity at all. It is simply illegality tolerated because the federal government has chosen not to pursue these local leaders.

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Welcoming immigrants to our country has mutated from a privilege we’ve been pleased to extend into sheltering those who have such little regard for our country that they have chosen to violate our laws to get here. They should be packed up and shipped back home.

President Trump has taken the initiative in getting control of the situation only to have a portion of his efforts blocked by liberal judges. However, he’s not the only one addressing the problem. State governors are also bringing down the hammer on so-called sanctuary cities. Texas is not waiting around for the federal government to act: “Texas Governor Abbott appeared this Friday on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show to say that he will be supporting state legislation that would jail local sheriffs for pushing pro sanctuary city policies.”

You can watch the full interview here:

The governor “specifically pointed out Sheriff Sally Hernandez of Travis County who endorsed sanctuary city policies in her own city. In response to her actions he said the following, ‘She has knowingly released from jail in Travis County people who have been either convicted of or accused of serious felonies such as sexual assault, sexual assault of a minor, she’s put right back out on the streets.'”

Commenting on this renegade sheriff and the sanctuary city movement, the governor said, “This is a part of what you’ve seen sweep across the United States of America, here is a liberal agenda that wants to so-called ‘be welcoming’ to those who are here illegally, and one way they do that is by not enforcing the law. She campaigned on, and got elected as sheriff of Travis County this last year on the promise she… would not enforce ICE detainers. And so, she campaigned on the promise of not enforcing the law. That’s not the way things are done in the state of Texas, and we are going to require that she as well as all counties, all cities, in the state of Texas must follow the law. If you want to be in law enforcement, you have to enforce the law.”

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That last sentence is so obvious that the fact that it has to be stated shows you how far things have declined. The sheriff of Travis County belongs in jail with the criminals she’s turned loose. After all, if she’s as compassionate as she’d like people to believe, this shouldn’t be a problem for her.

What the liberals miss in all of this is their utter dependence on some branch of government to make their plans work. Unlike private businesses that generate and are responsible for their own revenues, the programs these leftist devise require the government to foot the bill. And there is their problem.

These sanctuary cities need federal and state funds to function. Take those away because these cities are in violation of federal immigration laws and they will ultimately collapse financially.

Source: Joe for America

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