As Woman Walks To Her Daycare Job, She Is Given Muslim Surprise Of Worst Kind!

As we have predicted, the violence in Europe, specifically the UK, being committed by Muslims against innocent non-Muslim westerners, is increasing rapidly. As the Islamic population in the UK multiplied, so has the boldness of the Muslims increased to go out and chastise the unrepentant infidels near them.

When their numbers were fewer, Muslims had a greater tendency to feign being moderates so as not to bring a reaction against them, but now that they are becoming a significant sized community, they no longer feel the need to hold back!

Just like other countries that have succumbed to Islamic domination, the Muslims in the UK are increasing the level of violence to establish a stronghold in territories they want to control.  In this instance, 3 Muslim women beat and slashed a non-Muslim woman walking to her nanny job, as they yelled  ‘Allah will get you.’

Nursery worker slashed by 3 women shouting 'Allah will get you' in east London

Metro expounded:

The woman was set upon as she travelled to work at a nursery in Wanstead, north east London. 

Karrien Stevens, who runs Little Diamonds in Hermon Hill, said the attackers ran away when someone approached them.

She said: ‘When she got to work we couldn’t believe it and called the police straight away. It’s terrible. I’m absolutely horrified.’

A colleague, who did not want to be named, said the victim had ‘three Asian girls behind her chanting the Koran, and saying ‘Allah’.

She added: ‘They pulled her to the ground, punched her, kicked her. One of them pulled out a knife and cut her arm from her wrist to her elbow.

‘The police turned up, the ambulance cleaned her wounds up.’

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A Metropolitan Police spokesman said they were called at 9:36 am on Wednesday to reports of an assault in Hermon Hill.

He said: ‘Officers and London Ambulance Service attended and found a woman, aged in her 30s, with a slash wound. Her injuries are not life-threatening.

‘She has been taken to an east London hospital as a precaution. The suspects fled the scene prior to police arrival in an unknown direction.

‘No arrests have been made. Enquiries continue.’

‘Counter-terror officers are aware of the incident but it is not being treated as terrorism at this stage,’ the Met spokesman added.

The victim, described as a white woman, was attacked by three women ‘dressed all in black’ less than 10 minutes’ walk from the nursery at around 9.30am, her colleague said.

She insisted the incident was not related to the nursery or their work.

Asked about her colleague’s condition, she added: ‘She’s okay, considering. Obviously it’s a shock, she’s in shock. She was in tears and she had a cut right up her arm.

This is exactly what is to be expected when Muslims are beginning to establish their dominance in a non-Muslim city or country. They slowly ramp up the level of violence just enough each time to put fear in the minds of their victims, but not enough to make the local authorities become too concerned about it.

As their numbers continue growing and reaching a critical mass, then all restraints come off and wanton violence usually ensues. It is predictable behavior because they have been following the same plan for 1400 years!

Source: Metro

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