Explosive: Ted Cruz Drops ATOMIC BOMB On Obamacare…It ERUPTS In Bernie’s Face! [WATCH]

CNN, perhaps desperate for numbers, invited both former presidential candidates Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator Ted Cruz to debate. With these two orators, you know that the battle was going to be nothing short of entertaining!

The topic: the Affordable Care Act, more famously known as Obamacare.

It was your typical liberal versus conservative debate. The left talks all about emotions with no factual basis for how Obamacare is helping America, and the conservative, in a few, swift, succinct words, shuts down every argument will brilliance and facts.

Go Ted Cruz!

From Louder With Crowder:

Throughout the night, Bernie Sanders made wild, desperate attempts to appeal to emotions. Fairness, “healthcare is a yuman right (yes “yuman”), what about all the poor people who can’t X and shouldn’t government Y” in hopes of appealing to his mindless followers and even more mindless Americans who are all about those FEELS!

Ted Cruz, by contrast, offered numbers, facts, and truth. In other words, “It’s lovely you have such lofty feelers and want to help the people. But if you could maybe not use everyone else’s money forcibly taken from them, which you can’t do for much longer than a year, that would probably help everyone in the long run.”

Here is an amazing moment of Ted Cruz telling us what “Berniecare” would look like:

This was a great opportunity for Senator Ted Cruz to inform America about how devastating the results of Obamacare have been, and thanks to our recent elections, we are in good hands knowing that this terrible law will soon be but a distant memory!

Now if we can just get Bernie to retire and spend his time in one of his numerous homes…and leave America ALONE!

What do you think? Who won the debate last night?

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Source: Louder With Crowder

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