BOOM! ‘Sanctuary’ Texas County DEFIES Trump…But Texas Governor Has A BRILLIANT Solution!

The issue of ‘sanctuary’ cities has become the topic of heated discussions across the country in the wake of President Trump’s crackdown on illegal immigration.

Mayors of cities like Boston, Seattle, Chicago, New York City, and San Francisco are refusing to comply with Trump’s plan to stop illegal immigration across the southern borders and are at risk losing federal funds.

But in the state of Texas, there is an even more intriguing situation. Even though the majority of Texans support President Trump’s immigration agenda, there are some who refuse to be a part of it. The sheriff of Travis County, Texas is one of them. But Governor Abbott has come back to put this ‘sanctuary’ county in its place.

Via Allen B West:

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has declared war on sanctuary cities in his state following Trump’s executive orders on immigration. Thus far, Abbott has blocked $1.5 million in grant money to Travis County because their Sheriff Sally Hernandez said that she would only cooperate with federal law enforcement for illegals caught committing murder, human trafficking, and sexual assault.

Rather than respond with compliance, Hernandez responded by releasing criminal illegals into the public.

Breitbart reported:

Despite the loss of state law enforcement grants, Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez followed through and released 39 criminal aliens during the first two days of her sanctuary policy.

Records obtained by Breitbart Texas from the Travis County Sheriff’s Office revealed that “Sanctuary Sally” released 37 criminal aliens from custody on February 1. Two more criminal aliens were released on the following day. The sheriff’s office stated that Sheriff Hernandez declined 191 immigration detainers that were received by her office before February 1. Eight more immigration detainers received after February 1 were also declined. The sheriff also declined four requests from immigration officials to be notified of the pending release of the criminal aliens in her custody.

Sheriff Hernandez did not refuse all requests from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials. Thirty immigration detainers that were received by her office before the February 1 change in policy were honored by the office. The sheriff accepted three immigration detainers that were received after her policy went into effect on February 1. She also accepted two requests for notification of pending release.

Governor Abbott responded to Sheriff Hernandez’s defiance of federal policy by threatening the loss of their jobs for any sheriffs who continued to uphold “sanctuary policies.”

America must get a handle on immigration, because American taxpayers cannot be expected to provide the expenses for an unlimited number of illegal immigrants, indefinitely. Eventually, there will be a financial reckoning and America will become just another third world country in the grips of a devastating economic depression.

We must have secure borders!

Source: Allen B West

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