Caught Red-Handed! Look Who Was Just Arrested For 103 Counts Of Anti-Trump Vandalism

America has been a witness to the damage one community organizer can do to this country after he’s served eight years as president. Barack Obama paved the way for more of the same by opening up the borders to allow more illegals to stake their claim on a portion of America, the beautiful.

They came here by the thousands without hindrance and availed themselves of all the benefits that the Democrat party promised them. Taxpayers have been forced to provide free housing, healthcare, food stamps, and education.

Now, America is paying an even bigger price from all the damage these illegals are doing. A student at the University of Connecticut was arrested after committing vandalism on university buildings with anti-Trump graffiti. The student, Eric Cruz López, is an illegal immigrant and a protester, who is now an ex-student.

Gateway Pundit has more:

Illegal Eric Cruz López was a student protester and even protested outside the Obama White House in Washington DC in February 2016.

Lopez was spotted in February leaving the areas where the vandalism occurred on various occasions.

The damage in total added up to about $4,200.

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The Daily Mail reports:

UConn police identified Cruz-Lopez through surveillance cameras and his UConn swipe card, according to a warrant. Police also installed extra cameras to help them find the vandal, reported the Hartford Courant.

Cruz-Lopez was arrested on May 7 and released without having to post bail – and is no longer enrolled at UConn.

‘I did the graffiti,’ he wrote in his police statement.

‘I am open to entering into a conversation about restitution.’

According to arrest paperwork, Cruz-Lopez is a community organizer for CT Students for a Dream, an organization that advocates on behalf of undocumented immigrants and has described himself as one too.

He has not yet entered a plea to the charges and is not represented by a lawyer. He is due back in Superior Court in Rockville on June 14.

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Oftentimes illegals who are protesting will commit crimes that they know will not be prosecuted, because of the protester’s illegal status. This emboldens them to flagrantly violate American laws just to get themselves arrested which brings more attention to the illegal immigration issue.

They are already costing the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars for welfare entitlements, but it just compounds the problem when the cost of arresting and incarcerating them are added. Not to forget the subsequent court costs incurred later.

Source: Gateway Pundit

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