One Country Just Sent Muslims A Powerful Message – Why Can’t America Pass This Law?

In many countries in Europe, the race has been on for many years to see who could resettle the most Muslim refugees in their country the fastest.

In Scandinavia where Muslim immigration has gone beyond appeasement to the point of obsession, the northern European nations now deal with overwhelming rape and anti-Semitic crimes.

In places like England, France, Germany, Spain and Austria, where crimes have spiked in the ghettoes of the Muslim refugees, the citizenry has been rebelling against their governments that saw fit to take better care of foreigners than their own people.

In fact, in Hamburg last year, the local government was actually evicting people from their apartments and forcing landlords to refurbish their apartments in order to accommodate new Muslim tenants, against the wishes of the building owners!

Truthfully, Germany has not been faring well with the Schengen Agreement which the European Union required all of its members.

It basically states that member countries will have to keep their borders open to all who reside in Europe without passport.

Now, the German government, in order to appease its citizens with an upcoming election, decided to do the right thing and ban burkas while driving.

The Daily Caller:

A new German law banned face-obscuring clothing for drivers, angering Muslims who say that the law is unnecessary and anti-Islamic.

The German Bundesrat’s final session before Germany’s Sept. 24 elections approved the ban on facial coverings for drivers, citing the need to determine a driver’s identity in the case of a crime or accident, according to Deutsche Welle.

The law applies to any form of facial covering and does not outlaw head scarves such as the Islamic hijab.

The Central Council of Muslims in Germany, however, have interpreted the law to be a ‘burka ban,’ specifically targeting Muslims, and decried it as ‘symbolic politics.’

German Chancellor Angela Merkel declared her support for the new law and said that face-obscuring items like the burka were ‘not acceptable’ and that they should be outlawed ‘wherever it is legally possible,’ according to Independent.


Drivers caught wearing face-obscuring clothing will be fined 60 euros under the new law.”

As you can see, Chancellor (and Obama-BFF) Angela Merkel, who was instrumental in promising to bring more than a million refugees into the country, is now suddenly singing a different tune with the polls showing lagging support for the Socialist leader.

No doubt, she will pander to the Right-wing citizens until after she’s reelected (IF she’s reelected) and will go right back to politics-as-usual.

Sounds a lot like the United States politicians, doesn’t it?

Source: The Daily Caller

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