Breaking: Corporate Tech Titan Drops Humongous SEVEN BILLION H-Bomb On U.S. Economy…America Is Rich Again!

President Trump is busy making good on his promise to help stimulate job growth in America. He is working hard and creating economic conditions conducive to business expansion through tax incentives and other measures designed to cut operating costs.

We have seen multiple corporations, those inside and outside the United States, make pledges to create jobs and invest their firm’s money into the United States. Over and over again we have seen this in the past few months, which is increasing every American’s overall confidence in the economy.

And now we have another company on board the Trump train!

Recently, the president met with the CEO of Intel Corporation, Bryan Krzanich, to discuss plans to expand a semiconductor factory that could see the creation of 3000 news jobs in Chandler, Arizona. We’re talking an investment of SEVEN BILLION DOLLARS – that’s ‘YUGE’!

Via Zero Hedge:

During a meeting between Intel CEO Bryan Krzanich and President Trump at the White House, the chief executive of the world’s largest semiconductor maker told the president that his company would invest $7 billion in a new factory in Arizona. Krzanich said the investment is an expansion of Intel’s presence in Chandler that will enable a plant capable of advanced 7-nanometer chip production. The partially built Fab 42 facility will be completed in 3 to 4 years and is expected to add 3,000 company jobs.

Krzanich added that Trump’s “advantageous” tax and regulatory policies are partly responsible for their decision to announce the new factory at the White House.

Trump called the investment “a great thing for Arizona,” and said the products will be “amazing.”

In an email to company employees, Krzanich stated:

“Intel’s business continues to grow and investment in manufacturing capacity and R&D ensures that the pace of Moore’s law continues to march on, fueling technology innovations the world loves and depends on,” said Krzanich. “This factory will help the U.S. maintain its position as the global leader in the semiconductor industry.”

“Intel is a global manufacturing and technology company, yet we think of ourselves as a leading American innovation enterprise,” Krzanich added. “America has a unique combination of talent, a vibrant business environment and access to global markets, which has enabled U.S. companies like Intel to foster economic growth and innovation. Our factories support jobs — high-wage, high-tech manufacturing jobs that are the economic engines of the states where they are located.”

It is very gratifying to see the American economy beginning to show some signs of blooming again after the Obama years of fewer jobs and even fewer opportunities for jobs to open up.

Electing Donald Trump was probably one of the best things we could have done and we are seeing evidence of that nearly every day!

Source: Zero Hedge

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