Corporate Goliath Drops $300 BILLION Announcement On U.S. Economy…And Donald Is Smiling!

The idea that the United States could not compete with other nations for investment by major business firms never should have been allowed to take hold. That it is being put to rest by President Trump is good news indeed. It’s been a long time coming, and creating an environment that is friendly to business is also one that is friendly to the Americans who will work at these firms and their families who will benefit from their incomes.

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There is a persistent idea among those on the left that the economy is a machine, and hence, prone to breaking down. The solution then is government intervention to stimulate, regulate, or otherwise replace the free-market with government bureaucracy. That the free-market is just people voting individually their preferences never enters the minds of those on the left. Anti-free-market actions by the government are by definition anti-freedom. If this simple concept is grasped, most of the regulatory structure that has been erected by liberals would collapse as it would be seen as obviously useless, or actually a detriment to the nation’s and the people’s wealth and freedom. That President Trump understands this is borne out by some recent good news.

Here’s the news: “Technology giant Samsung Electronics Co. has announced that they are planning to increase manufacturing in the United States by opening another productions plant.” Note that this is an Asian company building a factory in the United States which is the opposite of what we’ve been taught to expect.

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Western Journalism tells us that “Samsung’s decision reportedly was prompted by President Donald Trump’s campaign promise that, if elected, he would strive to bring overseas jobs to America. Trump has been critical of large companies that manufacture abroad for U.S. consumers, and has threatened to impose import taxes. The Samsung expansion could mean an initial $300 million investment as well as the creation of approximately 500 new jobs.”

Here’s the kicker that should not be missed, again from Western Journalism: “According to sources, upon completion of the expansion, the U.S. will join Mexico in producing ovens for Samsung.” So not only is President Trump bringing jobs to America, but to Mexico as well. Think about that the next time you hear someone on the left say that President Trump is anti-Mexican.  If the project of Samsung’s goes well, “[t]he expansion could eventually lead to an increase in production to include other major appliances such as washers, dryers and refrigerators.”

There is nothing wrong with the United States. Its economic future does not have to be one of watching business grow everywhere but here. As President Trump obviously knows, all it takes is creating the right economic environment where business is encouraged and profits can be generated and you will see investment and jobs come pouring into the country. It’s just simple economics.

Source: Right Wing News

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