Cop Protected NFL Team For 30 Years – After They Boycott The Anthem, He Makes 1 Patriotic Move

I am the product of a household where police officers are held in high respect.

My Uncle Curt was a cop for over 30 years and was the epitome of someone who upheld the highest standards of conduct when it came to his treatment of others.

Being a cop where he was may not have been glorious or a well-paying position, but he was an amazing public servant.

Other cops around the country in the tens of thousands are under-appreciated, maligned, and disrespected because of a Fake News Industrial Complex narrative that all cops are dangerous racists.

This opinion, of course, has permeated the Black community where they continue to live under the false belief that this is an accurate depiction of their lot in life, despite it being debunked by cold, hard facts.

Another officer, who had retired and began working for the Buffalo Bills many years ago, has recently decided that the spoiled, grossly overpaid millionaires of a child’s game have stepped over the line.

And he has taken the appropriate step: He has decided to quit the NFL team and will never work for that organization again!

Conservative Tribune:

“After serving the Buffalo Bills organization in New York for nearly 30 years, one police officer said he can no longer watch players blatantly disrespect our flag.

Erich Nikischer posted a photo of himself standing in the Buffalo Bills stadium to his Facebook page on Sunday, along with a bold caption blasting entitled millionaires who continue to disrespect our nation and its flag.

Nikischer said that he can’t work for an organization that allows athletes to make millions while showing absolutely no respect to those who lost their lives defending our flag and freedoms.

‘After almost 30 years of working for the Buffalo bills thru the good seasons and a lot of bad ones,’ Nikischer began,

‘I was finally pushed to my limit today and had to quit. I can not work in a place where multi-millionaires cry that they are oppressed.’

Nikischer said he will miss his co-workers, but made it clear he won’t sit idle any longer while athletes display their anti-American antics for media attention.

‘The picture is of me walking out after the disgraceful display on the field,’ Nikischer said.

This brave officer walked off the job after 30 years, which further proves the NFL seems more interested in appeasing millionaire athletes than ensuring our real heroes in uniform are treated with the respect they have earned.”


Nikischer is one of those who truly stands for what he believes by doing something about his predicament.

In other words, all those who are “taking the knee” are basically bowing to an activists version of bowing to the mob mentality, rather than standing for what they believe in.

This group of know-nothings and do-nothings is in the perfect mold of the Party of the Jackass who have cultivated a generation of entitled brats whose sole purpose is to be angry or aggrieved about something…ANYTHING.

Just so that they can get some face time on the nightly news. It’s pathetic and beneath the dignity of the NFL, which used to be a great organization.

Nikischer is the real hero here!

Source: Conservative Tribune

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